‘Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog’s Most Wanted’ – New Show Premieres with Beth Chapman

Dog the Bounty Hunter spins off a new show, Dog’s Most Wanted, and it features Duane Chapman with his wife Beth Chapman right before she died. The two teaser trailers both feature Dog with his wife Beth Chapman. In a recent interview, Dog the Bounty Hunter told reporters after her passing, that Beth knew this day would come. But both Dog and the rest of the family didn’t realize it would be so soon.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman Filmed New Show Dog’s Most Wanted

Beth Chapman told her husband on numerous occasions that she wants to spend her last days on Earth by his side filming the show. Beth did just that, as she appears in the premiere season of Dog’s Most Wanted. For fans of Beth Chapman, the new Dog the Bounty Hunter show will act as a celebration of her life, watching her do the things she loved most. Above all being by the side of her husband was where she wanted to be.

It sounds like Dog’s Most Wanted is similar to Dog the Bounty Hunter show but on steroids. Duane Chapman is going after his bucket list of the bad guys and gals. He’ll be running down names from FBI’s Most Wanted list as well as from the US Marshals list and States’ list. These hunts take this bounty hunter and his team all over the country catching criminals. Fans of the original show, Dog the Bounty Hunter know how the husband and wife team operate. They aim and very rarely miss when capturing a criminal on the run. In the end, the criminal is carted off in handcuffs.

The team that made up the original bounty hunting show included several bounty hunters. A few of them came right out of the Chapman family. A couple of sons, Leland Chapman and Duane Lee Chapman, along with daughter, Lyssa Chapman followed in their dad’s footsteps.

Dog’s Most Wanted: Fans Anticipate Premiere Date

While Dog the Bounty Hunter followers wait in anticipation for the premiere of Dog’s Most Wanted, WGN America’s website gives no exact date. They do however state “coming soon”. The website has posted a gallery of photos taken from the episodes filmed so far. Beth is behind the wheel, just like you remember her from Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Fans of the criminal hunting couple mourn the death of Beth Chapman this week. This prompted some of Duane Chapman’s followers to request that he shares something special about Beth Chapman. They asked for something fans were unaware of. So he posted a video showing his Beth loving life to its fullest right before she died. That video is posted above in a tweet.

In his post on Twitter, Dog shared a video Beth Chapman belting out a Bruno Mars song. She’s doing all the moves that go along with the tune in a video that captured her zest for life. Below is another video of one of the arrests made for the new show Dog’s Most Wanted. Beth and Dog both appear in this video.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: ‘Beth Chapman’ 2 Million Plus Google Searches

It looks like two million “Beth Chapman” searches racked up so far on Google since news of her death emerged. This offers the ultimate tribute to Beth Chapman from the fans who loved her today. But the guy who stands in front of that line is Dog the Bounty Hunter, her husband, Duane Chapman.

Just hours after Dog released the news of his wife’s death he spoke to reporters outside his home in Honolulu. He said, “Beth isn’t dead, she’s just sleeping.” While mourning the death of his wife, best friend, and soulmate, he is also trying to celebrate her life.

Beth Chapman, 51, lost her two-year battle with throat cancer. While Beth and the family knew this day would come, Duane Chapman and the family didn’t realize it would be so soon. Beth did plan her own funeral months ago as she faced the facts of her diagnosis. Just days before her death Beth was active on social media. She was also filming the new show with her husband. Fans will get to see Beth once again when Dog’s Most Wanted rolls out on WGN America.

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