‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Haunted By Beth’s Devastating Final Scene

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman was with Beth Chapman for a final and very personal scene during her last conscious moments. Recently, Bonnie Chapman, Beth and Dog Chapman’s daughter, shared those moments.

Dog described his final moments at home with Beth before she lost consciousness. Their daughter added details that were hard to hear but Dog the Bounty Hunter fans needed to hear this because it demonstrates Beth’s courage and heart.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Duane Chapman With Beth Chapman In Her Last Alert Moments

Bonnie Chapman shared the details about the minutes before Beth collapsed into her husband’s arms. Veteran viewers know how Beth Chapman operated. She didn’t sugar coat a thing. If you wanted the truth without any embellishment, Beth Chapman would be the one to give it to you.

It seems Beth called Dog into the bathroom. Bonnie said her mom stood naked and asked her dad to “look at me”. When Duane replied that he was looking at her she then asked again for him to “really look at me”. Then she started to choke and as Bonnie describes it, she “choked on cancer”.

After collapsing in her husband’s arms, an ambulance was called to transport Beth to the hospital. Duane Chapman described how he blew air with all his might into his wife’s mouth to get her breathing again. The scene described by Dog was horrific. But now with Bonnie’s details, fans get the full picture of what the Dog the Bounty Hunter couple went through that day.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman

Bonnie Chapman Offers Details of Her Mom’s Last Conscious Moments

Bonnie reports to the followers of Dog the Bounty Hunter that Beth didn’t regain consciousness again. Fans can only imagine what went through Duane Chapman’s mind at the time. But Bonnie said he stayed with his wife and talked to her even though she was unresponsive.

Of course, he’ll never know if Beth heard his words. But viewers of Dog the Bounty Hunter offer their thoughts online. Fans across the social media platforms are betting Beth heard every word.

After going through chemotherapy once, Beth opted not to do it again. It left her so sick she couldn’t get out of bed to use the bathroom. This is when the Dog the Bounty Hunter matriarch decided she didn’t want to endure another ordeal.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Stars in New Show – Dog’s Most Wanted

So it looks like Beth knew she didn’t have long in this world. While Duane Chapman understood the seriousness of her diagnosis, he didn’t expect for her to go so soon. When Beth went into the hospital, her husband fully believed she’d come home again with him. But she did not.

Their daughter Bonnie shares how Beth’s last conscious moments haunt her dad. She also said that her dad is fragile, as is the rest of the family. So it certainly doesn’t help matters when people scrutinize every aspect of their lives today.

Duane Chapman, as well as the rest of the family, await the debut of Dog’s Most Wanted. For Dog, he’s thankful for the chance to relive some of the moments they shared together on the show. But most of all, he’s looking forward to seeing Beth Chapman smile again.

Dog’s Most Wanted rolls out on Wednesday, September 4, at 9 pm ET on WGN America.

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