‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’: Contacted by Late Wife Beth with Clue to High-End Robbery?

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, shares how he’s still connected to his late wife Beth Chapman as she recently offered a clue to help him solve a robbery. That robbery was very personal to Dog. As it appears the perpetrators got away with some of their expensive items.

But one of the sad things about this robbery is that several of those stolen items belonged to Beth Chapman. Needless to say, Dog looks at them as priceless.

Dog the Bounty Hunter – ‘Dog’ Duane Chapman Still Has Strong Connection to Beth Chapman

Dog and Beth had a deep connection in life that seems to continue today for him. Apparently even with Beth gone, he believes she found a way to contact him.

The nation got to know this husband and wife team as they traveled the country looking for criminals at large. That popular Dog the Bounty Hunter show now has a spinoff.

WGN America’s Dog’s Most Wanted is due to roll out its first season on September 4. Fans get to see Beth Chapman for the last time as she filmed the show with her husband.

Dog the Bounty Hunter believes the robbery that took place in their store last month was an inside job. When asked by law enforcement why he believes that to be the case he gave an answer that caused a few eyebrows to raise.

Psychic Contacted By Beth – Passed Clue Along to Dog

According to Dog, a psychic contacted him and passed along what Beth Chapman told her. So it looks like that the robbery was an inside job, according to Beth via the psychic. As police search for the suspects or suspect of this robbery, they’ve made a request to Dog.

They’ve asked Dog the Bounty Hunter and his team not to investigate on their own. But he thinks the clue that he got from the psychic may pan out as the police are searching for those who have knowledge of how Dog’s business operated.

It seems the criminals smashed in a glass door to gain entry to the shop. It’s a store which sells Dog the Bounty Hunter merchandise. The items were stolen from the Colorado store that is owned by Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman, his late wife.

Also, it looks like the thieves seemed to make a b-line to the pricey merchandise. It looks like the suspects took a lot of high-end stuff in the robbery. Now police are looking for suspects who knew the operations of the business.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Inside Job

Duane Chapman offered the unknown suspects a shout out of mercy back on August 2. He gave the thieves 48 hours to come forward and return the merchandise. He offered not to press charges and make an attempt to get them only probation. On top of that, he said he’d find them a job.

But after the 48 hours, all deals were off and he won’t have mercy for the person or people who did this. No one came forward after he offered up that deal. Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter know the compassion that Duane and Beth Chapman showed the criminals they picked up as bounty hunters.

Both husband and wife showed all their suspects compassion even after wrestling them to the ground. So when Dog the Bounty Hunter made that offer for the perpetrators to turn themselves in, fans had no doubt that he would have followed through on his promise.

Be sure to tune in to WGN America on Wednesday, September 4 to catch the premiere episode of Dog’s Most Wanted.

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