Dog the Bounty Hunter Blew Air With All His Might Into Beth Chapman – He Couldn’t Let Her Go

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, said in a recent interview that while Beth Chapman laid in that hospital bed in her final days, he thought she’d get better. During this new interview, Duane Chapman explained how he honestly believed Beth would come back home.

As Dog the Bounty Hunter described one of the most heart-wrenching moments in Beth’s final days, he cried. This scene took place the day Duane called the ambulance to rush her to the hospital for the final time.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Said Beth Chapman Stopped Breathing

The grieving Dog the Bounty Hunter recalled how Beth Chapman called him into the bathroom. He describes his wife as saying “Duane Chapman look at me” and then she asked him to please let her go. Before he could answer, she suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Duane Chapman shared how he put her arms up over her head in an attempt to help her catch her breath. But that didn’t work, he explained. He then describes how Beth Chapman collapsed after not being able to take a breath. He said he caught her in his arms. Dog the Bounty Hunter said she was frail by then.

Duane Chapman described taking her by the head and then with all his might he blew into her mouth. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star explained how he made this attempt to get her breathing again. While it worked, as she regained consciousness, he said that she still gasped for breath. He then recalled his next move as carrying her to the bed and dialing 911.

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While Beth stayed in the hospital this last time, Dog the Bounty Hunter said that he had no idea she’d never come home. When he told people she’d get well, he really believed this himself, he sadly recalled.

Interview at Duane Chapman’s Colorado Homestead

The pain that Dog experienced showed on his face during the recent interview with ET, seen in the video below. Dog the Bounty Hunter is navigating life without Beth Chapman by his side today and it’s not easy for him. At one point during the interview, Duane showed ET‘s host, Kevin Frazier, around the Colorado home he shared with his late wife.

Frazier commented on the breathtaking views and Duane Chapman described how Beth loved their home. At another point during the interview, Dog said he has to watch himself. He shared that since losing his wife, he’s dropped about 17 pounds in the last two weeks.

He also realizes that he walks a fine line today and he needs to be careful. The pain and grief he’s experiencing are at a point where people get too morbid. He also explained how he has Beth’s side of the bed padded up so it appears someone is sleeping there. He compared this to what an inmate might do if they planned a jailhouse break.

It helps him when he wakes during the night and looks over at her side of the bed. It awards him just a little bit of comfort. He also keeps Beth’s pink box of ashes nearby his bed as well.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: New Show Features Late Wife Beth

As Duane Chapman continued talking, he relayed how Beth Chapman wanted cremation but Dog found this tough to do. This is the first cremation in his family, he explained. Burials were the norm in the Chapman family. Dog also told host Frazier how Beth requested that he scatter her ashes but leave some in the box on the mantle.

Beth wanted some of her ashes at home with her husband. So, when Duane Chapman passes away his ashes can go in with her and they can be buried together. Still, Dog hasn’t done anything with Beth’s ashes yet, as he explains. Because he feels scattering her ashes is like throwing Beth away. That’s something he’s not willing to do, he told Frazier.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new spinoff show,  Dog’s Most Wanted, filmed episodes with Beth and her bounty hunting husband together. He said that he’s already watched some of the scenes.

He also shared how he’s having a hard time seeing Beth and hearing her voice in those episodes. But unlike many people who only have pictures of their loved ones, Dog explains how he has himself on tape working alongside Beth Chapman and he’s happy for that.

WGN airs Dog’s Most Wanted soon but hasn’t released a firm date for the debut.

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