Dog the Bounty Hunter Falls Apart as Beth Chapman Appears on ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman, breaks down in tears as Beth Chapman appears on the screen of his new show, Dog’s Most Wanted. The passing of his wife Beth last month left Dog attempting to navigate through life without his soul mate.

Anyone who watched Dog and Beth Chapman on their famous bounty hunting show knew these two had something very special together. Beth also filmed alongside her husband for Dog’s Most Wanted. Now with the show ready to roll out, it’s a bittersweet time for Dog. The grieving husband shared how he watched a few of the new episodes.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Ashes of Beth Chapman In Pink Box

According to the bounty hunter, as soon as Beth appears or he hears her voice he “bawls”. During his first televised interview since Beth Chapman’s death, Dog Chapman opened up about his grief. He explained what he faces daily without his one true love by his side.

It seems that Dog the Bounty Hunter just can’t bring himself to scatter Beth Chapman’s ashes as his late wife requested before she died. To do this, it’s like throwing her away, he explains. The famous bounty hunter won’t do that.

So, for now, Beth’s ashes stay with him. See the pic below where Dog sits with ET to talk about Beth’s death. Next to him on the table is the pink box for Beth’s ashes. Something he talks openly about in this interview. While talking about Beth, he sits with the logo “Love Never Dies” on his jacket.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Duane Chapman

Dog’s Most Wanted: Star Can’t Wrap His Head Around Cremation

It seems Beth Chapman wanted her ashes spread over a few different places. She then wanted a portion of them to sit on the fireplace mantel. He shared that it was her thought that when Duane’s time comes, they can unite the remaining part of her ashes with his and be buried together.

Beth Chapman died last month at the age of 51. While she put up a good fight, she lost her battle to cancer. One of the last conversations the 66-year-old Dog the Bounty Hunter had with his wife had to do with her death.

She wanted cremation, which is not something Dog Chapman was comfortable with. It seems like the famous Dog the Bounty Hunter can’t wrap his head around this. Growing up in the Christian faith, he said he was taught that Jesus rose from burial, not from ashes.

Duane’s faith taught him that “you can’t get burned because then you won’t rise from the grave with Jesus”. But when he discussed this with Beth, she just said “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”. So, cremation is new to Dog, as his loved ones who’ve passed were all buried.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Drops 17 Pounds Since Beth’s Death

While he talks about Beth’s ashes and the instructions she left behind, he also says suggests it’s very morbid for him. He also worries about how healthy this is for him, holding on to Beth’s ashes. Since her death on June 26, Dog the Bounty Hunter lost 17 pounds.

Dog says he takes a few bites of his food and he’s full. Beth’s death has taken a toll on Dog the Bounty Hunter. It’s not been easy for him after losing the love of his life.

As for now, the ashes of Beth Chapman sit in a pink box next to Duane’s bed. So he wakes up every morning with her right there. He says this helps him cope as he misses her terribly.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s spinoff show, Dog’s Most Wanted premieres on WGN America. The show’s website indicates “Coming Soon” with no debut air date revealed yet.

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