‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’: Dog Uses Extreme Measures To Get Beth’s Death Off His Mind

Dog the Bounty Hunter spinoff, Dog’s Most Wanted makes its debut next week as Duane Chapman, Dog, still struggles with Beth Chapman‘s death. The new show amps up Dog’s traditional mindset of bounty hunting.

He no longer fears death and he’s using his work as a therapy to navigate what’s ahead of him with the love of his life no longer physically here. But as Dog the Bounty Hunter said, she is always with him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Duane Chapman With Beth Chapman in Dog’s Most Wanted

According to the latest reports, it looks like this famous bounty hunter realizes how hard life is for him today without his wife by his side. With the premiere of Dog’s Most Wanted airing next week, Duane Chapman now makes the rounds promoting his new show.

During these recent interviews, Dog the Bounty Hunter shares that he never thought it would be this bad as he struggles to find his way without Beth Chapman in this world. He also shared how Beth’s passing took away the fear of death for him.

Duane Chapman explains this on Fox & Friends this week. Despite not fearing death he won’t throw caution to the wind. He tells the Fox morning show’s hosts that he’s still wearing his seatbelt.

During the interview, he called his beloved Beth Chapman, “Bethy,” and soon the hosts referred to her as his pet name as well. You could see the pain in the grieving husband’s face as he talked about how he’ll carry on with his work for the sake of Beth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman - Dog's Most Wanted

Dog’s Most Wanted: They Go After Hardened and Dangerous Criminals

Beth Chapman filmed a good part of Dog’s Most Wanted with Duane Chapman. So one thing he looks forward to when the show airs – seeing Beth’s smile again. But that’s where his soft touch leaves off.

On the new Dog the Bounty Hunter show, he and Beth go after the very hardened criminals who’ve jumped bail. In another recent interview, he deems these criminals as the worst of the worst. He said some are people accused of sexually assaulting children and accused of murder.

One bail jumper faces 68  counts against him, he reminds the audience how that’s more than Al Capone had against him. These are very dangerous people. Because of the heightened danger with these harden criminals, the new extreme bounty hunter employed the use of high-tech tools.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Extreme Cases Keep His Mind Off of Beth’s Death

He’ll attempt to capture these bail jumpers with the use of drone-surveillance and night vision tools. Dog’s Most Wanted also chronicles the battle Beth waged against her cancer. They held back nothing, as Dog the Bounty Hunter said, this is the real Chapman family.

Beth Chapman is with Duane all the time, he says he feels her always with him. The show rolls along with the finale featuring Beth’s memorial along with a criminal’s capture for Dog.

At one point while filming a pursuit, Duane Chapman, turned to the producer and said he’s got to get this guy – as he needs to get Beth’s death out of his mind.

It sounds as if Duane Chapman throws himself into the extremely dangerous work on Dog’s Most Wanted. He does it for Beth Chapman on one hand and he pours himself into this work to stop thinking about her death. He’ll never stop thinking about Beth, that won’t happen. He finds work gives him a respite from thinking about how she died.

Dog’s Most Wanted Premieres Wednesday, September 4 on WGN America. But leading up to the new show they’ll air a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon starting Tuesday, September 3.