‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’: Beth’s Pups Mourn Her Loss and Wait For Her Return

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman loved her dogs and it sounds like they loved her in return as one pup stands watch for her to come home. Duane Chapman shared what life is like for him since the death of his soul mate, wife, and best friend, Beth Chapman.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman Pups Missing Mom

While Dog is having a hard time without Beth by his side, he shared how the other family members are getting along. He talked about their dogs, Lola, Duke, and OJ, who Beth loved very much.

From the sounds of what the pups are going through today, that feeling is extremely mutual. They miss their mommy Beth, Dog the Bounty Hunter said during a recent interview.

They come and get him at 9:30 pm letting him know it’s time to go to bed. He believes these furry family members have souls. They are mourning the loss of Beth Chapman so much that no one could tell him they don’t have feelings.

Bounty Hunter Believes His Pet Dogs Have Souls

Duane Chapman also said that years ago the Catholic Church voted that animals don’t have souls.  But Dog the Bounty Hunter suggests they need to revisit that vote again because his pups do have souls.

The famous bounty hunter said how Duke was very protective of Beth even with him. If his tone of voice changed and he said mommy’s looking good, Duke would growl. That pup didn’t want Dog the Bounty Hunter to touch Beth because as far as Duke was concerned she was his.

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Today the dogs are getting under the blankets where Beth Chapman slept. They stay in her spot on the bed. They can pick up her scent and apparently it’s comforting to the dogs who are also mourning.

Beth Chapman’s Vision Impaired Dog Sits In Bathroom Waiting for Her to Return

OJ is vision impaired pup but he knew enough that when Beth Chapman came home she would go into the bathroom. Now OJ sits there by the toilet all day long waiting for Beth to return. Dog the Bounty Hunter said the pup can’t see a thing but he knew when his mommy came into the house, she’d go to use the bathroom. So there he sits and waits for Beth.

Duane said he hasn’t touched a thing of Beth’s and her closet remains the same from when she was alive. The canines go in there and apparently they sense her among the things she wore.

Dog talked a little bit about how he tried to prepare himself for her death. He said when Beth was in bed at home he would say to himself, you better get in there. That’s because someday she won’t be there so he wanted to spend all the time he could while she was still there.

He said he’d pick up all the Kleenex and say to himself someday this won’t be here. Today they’re not and it brings tears to his eyes.

Both Dog and Beth Chapman appear on Dog’s Most Wanted premiering Wednesday night September 4, on WGN America. Leading up to the premiere, WGN America offers a marathon of Dog the Bounty Hunter starting Tuesday, September 3.

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