Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman Left Tears Across the Nation in Final Hunt

Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman worked their final case together on Dog’s Most Wanted leaving the fans at home in sadness. Not only did Beth do her job as part of the bounty hunting team on her final show but she talks about facing death.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman Brutally Honest

Beth Chapman died on June 26, 2019, at the age of 51. Her final case with Dog the Bounty Hunter offers some deep and serious thoughts from Beth as she looks into the Dog’s Most Wanted camera. Beth appeared fully aware of what fate had in store for her. But did this make things any easier for most popular female bounty hunter in the country?

Beth asks, “Once you find out that it’s incurable lung cancer, where’s there to go from there”? But on Wednesday night’s show, Dog the Bounty Hunter fans witness how Beth doesn’t let that cancer diagnosis stop her from living the rest of her life to the fullest.

Dog the Bounty Hunter also goes through his own bitter-sweet emotions. Duane loved having his wife by his side working cases.  But at the same time, he can’t forget that the love of his life is fighting to live. Both Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman appear very much aware of her limited time on this Earth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Beth Chapman - Dog's Most Wanted

Dog’s Most Wanted: Duane Chapman Shares Final Days with Beth Chapman

Duane Chapman embarked on several heartfelt interviews since Beth Chapman died. He talked about her last conscious moments, the shock of losing her so quickly, and his days now without his best friend and soulmate by his side.

Dog the Bounty Hunter thought Beth Chapman would come home again after that last time she went to the hospital. He truly believed he had more time with his wife, but he didn’t. While he knew her diagnosis was terminal, he didn’t think she would leave him so soon.

While out promoting his new show Dog’s Most Wanted, Dog Chapman shared the events that led up to Beth’s final hospitalization. She was at home and she couldn’t breathe. She then called out to Duane for help from inside the bathroom. He describes Beth Chapman struggling for air before her eyes rolled back in her head and became unconscious.

Dog the Bounty Hunter said he did the only thing he could think of. He blew air into her mouth with all his might so that Beth Chapman could get the oxygen she needed. It sounded like a harrowing lapse of time for Dog before the ambulance arrived. But he continued to promise her that he wouldn’t let her die as they waited for help.

Loses Best Friend, Love of His Life, and Soul Mate

Beth Chapman remained in the hospital until she died, leaving Dog the Bounty Hunter without his soulmate and best friend. Instead of spreading Beth’s cremated ashes as she requested, he kept her ashes at home with him.

Spreading her ashes would feel as if he was throwing her away, Dog the Bounty Hunter said. He couldn’t do that. Beth Chapman did request that Duane keep some of her ashes. When he dies her request entailed combining both their ashes so they can remain together for eternity.

Beth Chapman’s final case kept the fans of the show weeping, as Beth was so young and full of life. Yet she accepted her destiny and became brutally honest when she addressed facing death.

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter got to see Beth Chapman one last time Wednesday night for a bitter-sweet episode. There probably wasn’t a dry eye across the nation’s living rooms as Beth’s last case played out on the TV screen.

Dog’s Most Wanted finale airs next Wednesday, November 6 on WGN America at 9 p.m. EST.

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