‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi’s Revenge Plan to Ruin Abigail Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) is ready to pick up speed on her revenge plan on Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller). Gabi has long been waiting to start her revenge plan, and it seems she’s finally ready to watch all the pieces fall into place. Once her plan is complete, she wants Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) all to herself and Abigail far away.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez Talks to Stefan DiMera

Gabi Hernandez doesn’t want to get revenge on just Abigail Deveraux. She also wants to get revenge on Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) for his part in making her life miserable. So, she talks to Stefan to make sure her plan has no loopholes.

Her main goal in her plan is to first break up Chad and Abigail Deveraux. As she is close friends with Chad, and as Abigail still thinks that they are best friends, she feels she can do this easily. When she talks to Stefan, she puts up a front as Abigail’s best friend and warns the DiMera brother to stay away from Abby, even though she actually wants Stefan to reach out to Abigail.

Stefan, for his part, thinks that Abby is coming back to him. He tells Gabi Hernandez as much, giving her some much-needed enthusiasm for her plan. With Stefan believing that Abby might be coming back to him, her plan could actually work after all.

DOOL Spoilers: Gabi Begins to Manipulate Chad DiMera

Once Gabi hears that Stefan is falling for her plan, she tells Chad about their conversation. Chad is stunned to hear that Abby (or, rather, Gabigail) has been texting Stefan. He can’t believe that this has been happening behind his back.

Chad has been having a difficult time getting his relationship back to normal with Abby. Because he believes that she is carrying Stefan’s baby and not his, he has had a hard time coming around to the idea of being a happy family again. He hates Stefan more than anyone, so hearing that Abigail has been in contact with him leaves him stunned.

To find out the truth, Chad goes looking for Abby. He finds a Gabigail wig. It’s the wig she used to wear when she was her alter personality, in her bedroom. It confirms his worst fear. However, he isn’t aware that this is the exact wig that Gabi has planted there. He also doesn’t know that Gabi has drugged a pregnant Abby in the past to make her confused as to what she has been doing.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Abigail Deveraux End Up In a Mental Hospital?

Gabi wants Abigail to wind up in a mental hospital. Gabi also wants Chad all to herself. She knows that the only way to put Abby away for good is for Chad to have all the evidence, however, planted, in his hands. Once he sees that Abby is experiencing her altered personalities again, he could put her away in a mental institution.

Gabi wants to see this happen which is why she sets everything up for Chad to find out himself. She can’t be the one to tell him. He has to be the one to figure it out, even if all the evidence is fake and planted by Gabi herself.

Chad, because he is her husband, is the only one who could make her go to a mental facility. Once he hears of the text messages that Stefan has been receiving, and once he finds the wig, Gabi thinks that there is only one thing he can do. And that’s to commit Abby . Will Chad fall for Gabi’s scheme and actually put Abby away? Or will he see that something’s not quite right?

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