‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi’s Devious Plan Backfired – Furious She Failed

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) will soon be exposed. She laid the perfect groundwork to have Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) committed to a mental institution. However, Abigail pulled a fast one by marrying Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher). DOOL spoilers indicate Gabi will be livid when she learns that Abigail Deveraux married Stefan DiMera.

Days of Our Lives – Gabi Hernandez Outmaneuvered

Although Gabi will certainly be happy Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) is no longer Abigail’s husband, she won’t be happy her plan is going up in smoke. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate breaking up Abby and Chad was a bonus, but not her main goal. Gabi Hernandez wants Abigail imprisoned just as she was.

Gabi played Chad like a fiddle. She had him exactly where she wanted him. He believed all her lies. Abigail was finally going to pay by being locked away in a mental institution. Gabi’s other goal was to rob Abigail of valuable time with her children. Gabi was separated from her daughter so she feels Abigail should be separated from her children as well.

Abigail’s decision to marry Stefan DiMera really threw a wrench in Gabi’s plan. On one hand, she can rejoice that Chad and Abigail are no longer married. However, Chad wasn’t Gabi’s endgame. Abigail suffering the same pain Gabi suffered was her goal. Gabi has a plan she thought was airtight, but Abigail has outmaneuvered her. This development will certainly anger Gabi Hernandez.

Days of Our Lives – Stefan DiMera Discovers The Truth

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Stefan gets suspicious of Gabi Hernandez. He’s a smart man. As Gabi becomes more unhinged she will slip up. DOOL spoilers also reveal Stefan will uncover he deception. Stefan will find Gabi with incriminating evidence. He will force her to tell him the truth.

Gabi’s exposed; however, what will Stefan do with the information? Stefan took great pleasure in breaking the news to Chad DiMera that Abigail is now his wife. He has Chad right where he wants him. Stefan took an interest in Abigail the first time he meant her. Before he fell for Gabby, Stefan was interested in Abigail. Chad is miserable and Stefan’s now married to Chad’s wife. Stefan killed two birds with one stone. Keeping Gabi’s deception a secret is beneficial to him.

DOOL – Gabi and Stefan Are Two Of A Kind

Even though Chad DiMera kidnaps Abigail Deveraux and delivers the baby Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Chad will not learn right away that he is the father of the child. This could mean that Stefan will team up with Gabi to keep the truth from Abby and Chad. At the end of the day, Stefan still wants a family. It probably won’t matter much to him that Chad is really the father of the baby.

As long as Abigail believes the baby is Stefan’s he thinks he has a chance with Abby. He will likely keep Gabi’s secret. Stefan still holds out hope that Gabby will return to him. The longer Abigail and Chad are apart and clueless the better chance Stefan has of making that happen. Abby’s altars are a part of her. Abigail believes the altars are gone for good. However, there is no way to guarantee that.  Stefan could decide to partner with Gabi to buy himself time to “resurrect” Gabby.

Abigail and Chad will certainly feel betrayed when they learn the truth about the baby’s paternity. While Abigail suspects that Gabi is up to no good and messing with her mind, she has no clue she lied about the paternity results. Chad and Abby will both want vengeance of their own. The question is will she go down alone for this scheme or will she take Stefan with her?

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