‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers- Gabi Thrilled Abby Is Back To Bayview- Admits Everything

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) will visit Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi) at Bayview. Gabi high tails it over to see her so-called best friend almost as soon as she learns Abby committed.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Abigail Deveraux Committed To Bayview

Days of Our Lives spoilers show that Abigail Deveraux’s committed against her will to Bayview. Abby’s blindsided by her current husband Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) and former husband Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn). Shortly after Chad delivers her baby, Charlotte Dimera (Chloe Teperman), he made a deal with his brother. Stefan shows up at the cabin and Chad hands over Charlotte.  Against her will, Abby’s taken to the insane asylum. Seems her plan to marry Stefan to avoid being committed backfired.


The sudden turn of events leaves Abigail Deveraux horrified. She is strapped to a bed and taken away while desperately trying to to get to her newborn daughter. The ordeal proves too much to bear for the new mom. Looks like the previously sane Abby may actually fall over the edge of sanity at the hands of the Dimera brothers and not Gabi.

Gabi Hernandez Admits To Gaslighting Abigail- DOOL Spoilers

Gabi plotted for months to make everyone believe that Abigail’s alters were back and that she is mentally ill. She was pretty darn successful too. No one believed Abby’s assertations of sanity or her cry that  Gabi set her up. Well, Abby was right! Gabi masterminded this plan to near perfection. After all Abby put Gabi through; she took matters into her own hands. Gabi’s sick Abby always got a pass for all her crimes and misgivings. With a huge sense of pride, Gabi shows up at Bayview and lets Abigail Deveraux in on all she has done.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Gabi Lays It All Out

Gabi explains to Abby that she could not allow her to get away with all the horrible things she did to her, sick or not. She sought justice and to balance the scales. Gabi felt Abby deserved this after what she did to her. She had to even the score and revenge was the only way to make Abigail Deveraux pay.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal how Gabi laid out the highlights of her plan to Abby. She showed her the black Gabby wig and told her she planted it. She wanted Abby and all of Salem to believe “Gabigail” was back. Gabi believes she’s the winner. Abby’s committed, and there is nothing she can say or do about it. Even if she tells someone what Gabi told her, who would believe a crazy woman?

Gabi Has The Upper Hand?

Gabi has the upper hand for now.  Gabi is getting vigilante justice on Abby. Her imperfect plan was successful in getting Abby committed. Divorcing Chad was a happy accident. There is one more huge part of Gabi’s plan that has yet to be revealed to Abigail Deveraux.

The most despicable part of her plan. Gabi has yet to tell Abby, Chad, and Stefan, that she switched the DNA tests and that baby Charlotte is really Chad’s.

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