‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad DiMera Betrays Those Closest To Him- Chabby Destroyed Forever?

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Chad DiMera‘s (Billy Flynn) betrayal of his loved ones will come to light. As a DiMera, Chad’s limited in the people who trust him. Two people trust him with their lives, Abigail Deveraux  (Marci Miller) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith). As it turns out Chad betrayed them both on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives spoilers – Chad’s Unexpected Betrayal of Abigail Deveraux

Chad DiMera loves Abigail. DOOL spoilers state he’s willing to do anything for her. He’s even willing to betray her if he thinks it’s in her best interest. Abigail’s marriage to his brother, Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher), convinced Chad that Abigail had lost her mind. After all, no sane person would marry a man she claims to despise.

However, Abigail thought she was protecting herself from being sent to a sanitarium. Instead, her ex-husband abducted her. The abduction set off a chain of events that Abigail might never recover from. Chad’s betrayal hit Abigail hard. Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) also feels betrayed by him. She never expected him to abduct her daughter then hand her granddaughter over to Stefan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Abigail’s shocked that Chad DiMera abducted her. However, she had no idea that he would betray her by handing her newborn daughter over to Stefan in exchange for her being committed. Abigail’s heartbreak was real as she realized she would once again be separated from her newborn. Abigail willingly left Thomas Deveraux DiMera (Asher Morrissette) when she faked her death. She had no intention of ever being away from her newborn daughter, Charlotte DiMera (Chloe Teperman).

DOOL – Chad DiMera Played For A Fool

Chad DiMera realizes Abigail’s hurt by his decision to partner with Stefan to have her committed. He feels horrible for betraying Abigail. Days of Our Lives spoilers say he still believes he did the right thing though. He believes wholeheartedly that Abigail is sick, so he wants her to get better.

Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) did such a good job gaslighting Abigail that her own husband was fooled. Chad carries a lot of guilt for not realizing how sick Abigail was before. He’s not willing to take that chance again. Gabi played on Chad’s fears.

DOOL spoilers reveal that Gabi visits Abigail at Bayview. After Gabi admits to Abigail that she gaslighted her Abigail will snap. As luck would have it, Chad comes in as Abigail’s choking Gabi. This makes Gabi’s assertion that the alters are back and Abigail’s a danger seem valid. Chad can’t deny what he sees with his own eyes. Not only did Gabi fool Chad but Abigail played right into her hands.

Days of Our Lives – Chad DiMera Exposed For Betraying Sonny Kiriakis

Gabi Hernandez isn’t the only horrible best friend in town say Days of Our Lives spoilers. Chad DiMera is also vying for the title. In an effort to bring down his brother, he also let his closest friend, Sonny, stand wrongly accused of sexual harassment. Chad knew that Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) was paying Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) to accuse Sonny of sexual harassment. He remained silent.

Chad DiMera wanted to take over Titan to destroy DiMera Enterprises and Stefan. However, in the process, he was also willing to allow his close friend to stand accused of a crime he knew he didn’t commit. DOOL spoilers say that Kate will feel the wrath of Sonny when she’s exposed as Leo’s “boss”.  Chad’s also exposed.

Sonny will learn that his friend knew all along he was innocent. Chad could’ve cleared Sonny’s name. Instead, he took over the Kiriakis business. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sonny will confront Chad. Surely, Chad will claim it was all for the greater good; however, Sonny won’t likely see it that way.

There’s a real possibility that Chad’s betrayal will cost him big. His need to bring Stefan down could cost him his best friend and his job at Titan. In turn, partnering with Stefan could cost him even more, Abigail. It will likely take Abigail sometime to trust Chad DiMera again. After all, he not only tricked her but he also took her daughter from her. Can Chabby survive this latest setback or is Chad’s betrayal too big?

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