Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Andre Return Teased – Thaao Penghlis Back To DOOL?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are getting fans excited at the possible return of a Days baddie gone good. Thaao Penghlis, who has played the role of Andre DiMera throughout the years on DOOL, hinted that there was a possibility that Andre could be making a return to Salem,

Back from the dead? No problem in Salem!

DOOL fans know that Andre was brutally murdered in late 2017. It is believed that Abby DiMera (Marci Miller) killed him in an altered state of mind, but Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) is facing a life sentence in prison for the murder. Abby testified against her best friend and told the court that Gabi confessed to murdering Salem’s favorite villain.

Fans were not happy when Andre was killed off. He had come to be the villain with a heart of gold as we were loving to watch the love story develop between him and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) as well as seeing him kind of revert to his old ways while dealing with Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) and Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) in the takeover of DiMera Enterprises.

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Lovable villain returning?

Days of Our Lives spoilers know that fans were getting to see two sides of Andre and it was quite intriguing to see how these meshed. There was also the relationship with his family. Andre and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) had a complicated relationship it seemed. Andre seemed to both love and resent his little brother. He wanted the power that Chad had as the CEO of DiMera, but he was also fiercely protective of Chad, Abby, and their family.

The DOOL spoilers on this possible return could set up some interesting changes to the Days storyline. Abby’s mind has split into three personalities. Next week, Days spoilers from She Knows say she must deal with the fact she killed the man she loved almost more than life. If Andre isn’t dead, what will this do to her? It certainly exonerates her of the murder charges, but what about her fractured mind? Can knowing that Andre is alive heal Abby, put her back together and send her back to her family to be the wife and mother that they need to be?

Do Stefan and Abby have a secret shared past?

Ripple effect of Andre’s return

Days spoilers also promise that Andre’s return would certainly be good for Gabi. It would mean that she didn’t kill anyone and can get out of prison completely cleared of any charges and go home to her daughter. However, there would still be some serious damage done to her and Abby’s friendship. Could that ever be repaired? With Vivian’s death coming for May sweeps, there’s the question of whether Andre’s return could tie into that plot twist.

Andre’s return could expose Stefan and Vivian’s scheming and how they weaseled their way into DiMera. It might also clear up some lingering questions about Stefan and the paternity test mystery. This would blow Stefan’s scheme completely out of the water. DOOL may also be fashioning Andre as the new Phoenix. He could be the next leader of the DiMera family stepping in to fill Stefano DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo) shoes and fulfilling his role as the baby phoenix which would make things very interesting indeed.

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What do you think? Would you welcome Andre back to Salem? Would it be good for him to return and help his family? What about him and Kate, could they pick up their love story? Would Chad and Abby welcome him back into the family now knowing all that he has done?

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