‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan and Abby’s Shared Past?

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise that fans may soon have a new question to ponder. What if there is a deeper connection between Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) and Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher)? We know that Stefan lived in Europe and was known as “Sam.” Abby was also in Europe going to school for quite some time. There is a strong possibility that the two may have had a run-in without knowing who the other was.

Stefan Wants Abby Badly

DOOL spoilers hint now that Stefan is in Salem and he and Abby have come face to face again, the question is what could be the possible link between the two? Could Stefan have pursued Abby while they were both in Europe and Abby turned him down? That scenario would make a lot of sense considering how drawn to her Stefan has been since he set foot in Salem. It seems like he has made it his personal goal to conquer his brother’s wife and lay claim to her as his own.

Days fans see that Abby, on the other hand, seems to be repulsed by Stefan. She doesn’t want to be near him. Stefan does seem to trigger Abby’s alternate personalities and DID episodes. There must be some deep-rooted issues between these two and we all wonder what they could be. Then again, Days spoilers from Soap She Knows promise that “Gabby” is very attached to the man.

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Abby’s Hidden Feelings?

As DOOL watchers know, Stefan wants what he wants and what he seems to want is Abigail – even though he claims to not really know her other than as his brother’s wife. Stefan has gone to great lengths to get under Abby’s skin, including asking out her best friend Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus). Watching Abby turn into Gabby and seemingly fall in love with the man claiming to be her brother-in-law could cause fans to wonder if there isn’t a small part of Abby that may have some hidden feelings for Stefan.


That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Chad (Billy Flynn), but there is obviously something pulling her and Stefan together on some level and Days fans have to wonder if there is a hidden past that draws these two together. So what do you think? Could there be a hidden connection that binds Stefan and Abby together? Have they met before and if so does Abby know something that might help get Stefan out of their lives? Could Stefan have targeted Abby to get her out of the way because she knows something about him he wants to keep hidden?

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