‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ben Weston Is Back – To Finish Off Abby And Will?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that a dastardly villain is back in Salem for May sweeps. Our favorite psych patient is coming back in just a week or two. Robert Scott Wilson will bring Ben Weston back to town. Robert is on contract with Days once again and will be making his first on-screen appearance next month which means Salem is about to get very exciting indeed!

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Why Is Ben Back to DOOL?

Fans of DOOL know that Ben tormented and kidnapped Abby Deveraux (Marci Miller) while she was pregnant with her son, forcing her to give birth in the Horton cabin. Then he killed the midwife that he brought to help her. But Ben wasn’t done yet. Just as Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) arrived to help her, Ben handcuffed them to the bed and tried to burn them alive after kidnapping their son.

Days spoilers had us thinking Ben was safely locked away until he escaped and showed up at the double wedding of Abby-Chad and Sonny Kiriakis  (Freddie Smith) and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean). That’s when Ben dropped the bombshell that Sonny’s husband Will Horton (Chandler Massey) was still alive, promising the beginning of the end of the relationship between Paul and Sonny.

Now, with Will investigating the drug that Dr. Rolf (William Utay) used to wipe his memory, that could lead to Ben’s return. It seems that Will wants to know what happened to him and why. Could this investigation be part of the reason for Ben’s return? We’ll know soon since Robert Scott Wilson’s first scenes as the sociopathic Ben are airing very soon!

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Ben Doing Clyde’s Dirty Work?

From Days of Our Lives spoilers and history, fans may also know that Ben’s father Clyde Weston (James Reed) had a vendetta against quite a few people in Salem. Is Ben returning to do his father’s bidding? Will Ben finish what Clyde started with the Kiriakis and Dimera families before he was sent to jail? This is a very distinct possibility as Ben’s last appearance was all about disrupting Sonny’s life.

Perhaps Ben will explain what the vendetta of his dad’s was about now that he is back in Salem for the foreseeable future. Ben could also be back for Abby. She seemingly conquered that demon in her head when she punched Ben at her wedding to Chad. But with the reemergence of her mental illness, Ben’s return could wreak havoc with her recovery and mental state.

Abby could have serious issues once her murderous ex turns back up in Salem. Her grip on reality is already tenuous at best. Seeing Ben again could send her into a complete tailspin. How will Abby react to encountering the man who nearly killed her and caused her first break with reality? Will she relive the trauma of almost dying and losing her son?

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Is Ben the Key to Will’s Past?

DOOL spoilers also ask what this means for Sonny and Will? Does Ben hold the key to Will’s memory loss? Could Ben help Will regain those lost memories? With Dr. Rolf now dead it seems that the answers will never be found. But what if Ben has them? Has Ben changed or is he still psychotic and vengeful? If Ben has the answers that could help Will get his life back, what price would he demand?

Are you excited about Robert Scott Wilson’s return? Do you think Ben coming back to Salem help heal Will or will he destroy Abby instead? Watch NBC weekdays for new episodes and follow Soap Dirt on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest info on all your favorite soaps. Come back to Soap Dirt for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and news.