‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Wises Up To Gabi’s Revenge Plan

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) figures out Gabi Hernandez‘s (Camila Banus) revenge plan. Gabi has been drugging Abigail and attempting to convince people that Abigail’s alters are back. Her ultimate plan is to have Abigail committed to a mental hospital and away from Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn).

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Deveraux Grows Suspicious of Gabi Hernandez

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Abigail Deveraux begins to grow suspicious of Gabi’s actions. This isn’t the first time that Abigail has suspected that Gabi harbored ill will towards her. Just a few weeks ago, the two had a fight about their past, with Gabi angrily admitting that she was furious over what Abigail did to her when she was sick. However, Abby thought the fight was solved, with her and Gabi growing closer as friends in the process. Viewers, however, know that this isn’t true, as Gabi has been plotting to destroy Abby.

Nothing is too beneath Gabi Hernandez in her ultimate revenge plan to have Abigail’s life ruined, including drugging a pregnant woman. This is just what Gabi did to Abigail… and what she does yet again. However, this time around, Abby begins to suspect that something is incredibly off with her best friend.

When Gabi drugs Abigail Deveraux this time, she has a full conversation with her, prior to Abby passing out. Abigail is now fully aware that something is severely wrong with Gabi, as Gabi is giving herself away. Gabi, for her part, doesn’t care and thinks that her plan will work, no matter what.

DOOL Spoilers: Chad DiMera Grows Suspicious As Well

Abby isn’t the only one who is beginning to see that Gabi isn’t exactly who she seems. Chad is also growing weary of Gabi Hernandez and everything she is telling him. But will he ultimately see through everything that she’s done and call her out on her actions?

Chad has been by Abigail’s side, time and time again. Even with his heartbreak over her illness and the fact that she’s (supposedly) carrying his brother’s baby, he wants to help her. Days of Our Lives viewers saw this recently when he found a dark wig in Abby’s bedroom. Instead of jumping to conclusions, he tried to calmly figure out what was going on.

However, Abigail and Chad ended up fighting over the wig, with Abigail Deveraux lashing out. She’s scared that her alters are coming back, which understandably has put her on edge. But with both Chad and Abigail slowly learning what Gabi is up to, will they band together and put Gabi in her place once and for all?

Abigail Deveraux Slowly Reaches the Truth – Day of Our Lives Spoilers

As Abigail uncovers just what Gabi is doing, she tells JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) her concerns. She’s very close to her younger brother and has relied on him in the last few weeks as she struggled with her alters potentially coming back. Now that she thinks Gabi is behind it, she confides her feelings to him.

Abigail telling someone else her worries is anything but helpful to Gabi Hernandez. The more people suspect that she’s doing something wrong, the higher chance it is that she’ll get caught. However, it looks like Gabi is too far gone in her plan to think straight.

Spoilers hint that a scared Abigail will also reach out for help from an unlikely ally. There’s a lot of people this could be, but the main person who stands out is Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher). After all, Gabi does end up drugging Abby and taking her to the DiMera mansion, wig on and all. Could Abigail end up asking Stefan for help? Or does she find someone else to help her expose Gabi Hernandez and all that she’s done?


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