Is ‘Days of Our Lives’ Filming Soon – John Aniston Sidelined as Victor When It Returns?

Days of our Lives is also on hiatus despite still airing fresh episodes, but when they start shooting soon, will Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) be sidelined? Here’s the latest on how COVID guidelines might affect the NBC soap.

Days of our Lives: Current Episodes Shot Thru October – What About Victor Kiriakis?

Now, DOOL is the only soap still airing episodes, but they’re shut down – like all the other soaps. But, the NBC sudser has an advantage. Because they shoot six to eight months ahead, they won’t have to resort to reruns. And they can delay filming if they want.

But, there are still issues to address at Days of our Lives. For instance, they must abide by new safety standards to get back to work. That requires changes to how they shoot and implementing COVID testing. So far, it’s a question if NBC will rush back to shooting or not.

Now, they may need to limit how many actors can be on set, and consider whether all actors can return to work right away at Days of our Lives. So, what about Victor Kiriakis portrayer John Aniston? One caveat is that cast and crew age 65 and older must be cautious.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston)

Will John Aniston Be on the Back Burner at DOOL?

Days of our Lives could start filming new episodes later this month. When (and if) it does, they’ll have to change some things. For one, the giant cast on the NBC sudser must be segmented, so fewer actors overlap day-to-day. That’s if they resume now versus waiting longer.

Plus, they’ll need a COVID compliance officer on the set of Days of our Lives to keep an eye on safety measures. Another concern is the health of actors 65 and up – – and of anyone with underlying medical issues.

That means some Days of our Lives actors may not return right away. The first that springs to mind is actor John Aniston as Victor. The veteran actor insists he’s in good health, but at 86, Aniston’s one of the oldest cast members on DOOL.

Who Else Affected when Days of our Lives Resumes Filming?

The new safety plan implemented by the cast and new unions advises actors 65 and up to seek their doctor’s advice about getting back to work. So, in addition to John Aniston’s return as Victor Kiriakis, it also applies to Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes).

There’s also Doug Williams (Bill Hayes), who at 95, is the oldest Days of our Lives cast member. Could DOOL back burner 76-year-old James Reynolds as Abe Carver? Also, the same age is Suzanne Rogers, who plays Victor’s wife, Maggie Horton.

There’s also the question of whether Days of our Lives might simply delay restarting to work to avoid these hassles. With months of episodes left to air, NBC daytime could stay on hiatus until the crisis ends. Then, they could go back to work as usual.

That could mean John Aniston might be back to work as Victor when everyone else returns. So, wait and see what DOOL decides, and if they delay filming so they can bring back all the actors and characters, including Victor Kiriakis.

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