Is Victor Kiriakis Leaving ‘Days of Our Lives’ – John Aniston Retires at Last?

Coming plots have fans asking is Victor Kiriakis leaving Days of Our Lives. A health scare could set up John Aniston’s retirement. This medical crisis is serious and could end his life. See what comes on DOOL on NBC with Victor.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Victor Kiriakis Has Scary Collapse

DOOL spoilers tell us that Victor Kiriakis argues with Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) about Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). And, when their war of words turns bitter, everything falls apart. Because, Victor begins to struggle and falls unconscious on Days of Our Lives.

Spoilers say he has a stroke. And, it’s a massive one. So, Ciara tries to revive grandfather Victor Kiriakis and calls an ambulance. However, things look grim. At the hospital, the doctors diagnose Victor with a stroke, confirm Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Then, doctors decide that Victor Kiriakis needs emergency surgery to save his life. Obviously, this storyline ties into Victor and Ciara’s confrontation over Ben – and him setting up her honey for death row. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint there may be more to this.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston)

DOOL Rumors on John Aniston’s Retirement

Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors swirled for years about when John Aniston would retire from the NBC soap. Although, his acting skills as Victor Kiriakis are as sharp as ever, it’s clear that he’s not as spry as he once was. In fact, he does most of his scenes sitting down now.

And. in mid-2019, National Enquirer posted an article saying that Aniston would retire soon and that his daughter Jennifer Aniston would appear on Days of Our Lives for his final storyline. So far, that hasn’t happened. But, perhaps there was a grain of truth buried in there.

Because, the Victor Kiriakis stroke plot seems serious. And, it could set things up for his exit. And, if John Aniston wants his daughter in the final storyline, they could always throw her in as a doctor or something similar, tease Days of Our Lives spoilers. But, we have to wait and see.

Days of Our Lives: Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston)

Will Victor Recover From his Stroke on Days of Our Lives?

DOOL spoilers remind that iconic character Stefano DiMera was left possibly alive even though his portrayer, Joseph Mascolo, passed away. Now, they’ve put his brain into Patch’s body, and have Stephen Nichols playing the legacy character.

Plus, fans know dead is never dead in Salem. So, even if Days of Our Lives wrote a sad death story for Victor Kiriakis, they could still bring him back. Or, they could go another route if John Aniston’s truly set to retire. As, they could simply write him out and say he’s convalescing.

So, if you’re wondering is Victor Kiriakis leaving Days of Our Lives and is John Aniston retiring – you’ll have to wait and see the direction the NBC soap goes. For now, this stroke twist for Victor Kiriakis should be dramatic and it’ll be interesting to watch it all unfold on DOOL.

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