‘Days of Our Lives’ Comings and Goings: Steve Johnson Back – Bonnie Lockhart Pops Up – Here’s Johnny

Days of Our Lives comings and goings confirm Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) is back to the NBC soap this week. But, whether or not he’s Patch is up for debate. Also, it seems like the one-year flash-forward bloodbath is over and there are no more deaths to reveal on DOOL. But, check out other casting news below to see what’s shaking.

Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings: Steve Johnson Back But as Stefano DiMera?

DOOL cool casting news confirms that we’ll see Steve Johnson back in Salem on Wednesday, November 27. As the week kicks off, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) goes to see his father. But either Chad doesn’t see his face or Steffy hides in the shadows because the big reveal is midweek.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Days of Our Lives would recast the iconic Stefano DiMera and it looks like they did but also kind of didn’t… So, this seems as if Dr Rolf (William Utay) brainwashed Patch. So, Steve Johnson thinks he’s Stefano, predict DOOL casting updates

This is a strange turn. And we should also see with Steve Johnson’s reveal the truth that it’s not Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) walking around Salem, but Princess Gina. Let’s hope we get a villain monologue from Rolf to explain Stefano DiMera/Steve Johnson and Hope/Her Royal Highness on Days of Our Lives.

DOOL Casting News: Adrienne Kiriakis Dead But What About Bonnie Lockhart?

In a recent interview about the Days of Our Lives comings and goings and time jump, showrunner Ron Carlivati dropped a hint. He said they thought long and hard about who would live and who would die in the one-year fast forward. And one of those to go, of course, was Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans).

However, Carlivati also said that dead isn’t always dead in Salem. And since Adrienne has a lookalike in Bonnie Lockhart, that opens the door for Judi Evans to come back. And Bonnie Lockhart’s always fun. In fact, there’s a chance that nearly anyone that died in the time leap could come back, tease Days of Our Lives comings and goings.

Because, with Dr Rolf in town, he could resurrect any of these people – even Adrienne. But based on the writer’s hints, maybe it’ll be Bonnie Lockhart we next see. Plus, there could be a new warehouse with initials on doors to figure out. Wait and see what ultimately plays out with all these time leap Days of Our Lives comings and goings.

Days of Our Lives: Johnny DiMera Back Soon – What Happens?

DOOL casting hinted for a while that little Johnny DiMera would be back on scene in Salem. Longtime viewers know that Johnny is the son of Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) and EJ DiMera. Now, it comes true and he’s back. Will he shake up things at the family business?

So, Days of Our Lives comings and goings tell us it will be one of the last actors in the role to play the kid. when it comes back. Formerly, it was the Kunitz Twins. Now, just one of them will be in the role. DOOL spoilers info confirms it is Griffin Kunitz who plays Johnny DiMera

So, be sure to watch next week as Steve Johnson returns and sweetness gets an eyeful of her honey. Plus, we’ll finally learn more on how Adrienne Johnson died (car wreck) and why Will’s blamed. Keep watching the NBC sudser to see what happens when Patch is back.

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