‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: No Stefano DiMera Recast – Steve Brainwashed and Now The Phoenix?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) was not recast. Instead, Steve Johnson‘s (Stephen Nichols) brainwashed and now playing the legacy role on the NBC sudser, it seems. Take a look at how Ron Carlivati may really shake things up post-time jump in Salem. Is “Steffy” really Patch in the chair in the warehouse? And what will Sweetness think about this twist…

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera Not Recast – Fans Would Rage

DOOL spoilers hint the man in the chair posing for the portrait Princess Gina’s (Kristian Alfonso) painting is none other than Steve Johnson. Of course, when clues began dropping about Stefano DiMera’s return, fans were off the deep end at the notion of a recast.

Now, recent Days of Our Lives spoilers show someone else is in the role of Stefano. But, it’s not a recast that would upset fans. Instead, it’s another twisted science project compliments of Dr Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay). And it may have something to do with brainwashing and that robot eye.

With recent mentions of control over robotic implants from DiMera Enterprises subsidiaries, perhaps showrunner Ron Carlivati was dropping a hint of things to come. Now, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) controls a heart. Similarly, does Rolf control Stefano 2.0, wonder Days of Our Lives spoilers?

DOOL Spoilers: Rolf Brainwashed Hope – And May Have Patch Too

Days of Our Lives spoilers ask whether Dr Rolf thinks he’s fulfilling Stefano DiMera’s deepest darkest wishes with this plot. First, the mad scientist got access to the lab at the hospital. Then, he injected Hope Brady with a serum to transform her into Princess Gina.

Now, that same type of serum might have been used on Patch, tease DOOL spoilers. And this plan may have been brewing with Rolf for awhile, per Days of Our Lives spoilers. Back when Steve Johnson had surgery on his eye, perhaps something else was implanted in Patch’s head for this plan.

Remember, from a recent interview with the showrunner, Carlivati shared that this plan to leap Salem forward a year has been in the works quite a while. That means they were laying the groundwork for months before the jump. And Steve Johnson might be part of the plan, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Is Steve Johnson Now “Stefano” on Days of Our Lives?

Also, DOOL episodes only showed a quick shot of a pair of male hands wearing the Phoenix ring. And, of course, lots of name drops of Stefano DiMera. But, we also know that Steve Johnson returns during the week of Thanksgiving, say Days of Our Lives spoilers. And Mary Beth Evans warned in a recent interview to buckle up for a fun ride with that.

Now, it looks like Steve Johnson will not be quite himself. And, instead will be very much Stefano. Sweetness won’t like that at all. In fact, this is a very clever way to bring back legendary villain Stefano DiMera. However, by using Patch in the role, the NBC soap can avoid fan fury over a Stefano DiMera recast.

Now, we’ve a week until the reveal of who’s sitting in Stefano DiMera’s chair hanging out with her royal highness. And it looks like when he finally turns around, we’ll see Steve Johnson’s face. Only, he’s brainwashed and has no idea he’s really Patch.

So, keep watching to see a fake Phoenix rise From the ashes and come round to Soap Dirt for plenty more Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates.