‘Days of Our Lives’: Brandon Barash Says No More Stefan & Reveals Sad Soap Tie To Father’s Death

Days of Our Lives says goodbye to Stefan DiMera this week and in a new interview, Brandon Barash talked about whether he’s really gone, his scene partners and time on the set. And the actor also shared a surprising tie between Stefan’s death scenes and when he lost his father in real life. See what Brandon said and the truth about whether he’ll return to DOOL as Stefan DiMera.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brandon Barash Talks Stefan DiMera Dying

On his way out the door, Brandon Barash sat for an interview about his experience as Stefan DiMera on DOOL. Spoilers remind there’s a long gap between shooting and air dates. So, NBC filmed the chat likely months ago and just recently released it. But the info’s great and some of it’s really touching.

Brandon Barash said they filmed the Stefan DiMera shooting scene a few times. First, because he didn’t fall quite right. Then, they needed more camera angles. He laughingly joked “he done – he cooked”. And Brandon Barash admitted it “looked a little silly” him diving in front of the bullet.

Also, Brandon said he liked that duality of Stefan DiMera. He said the character fought “who he can be” and “who he’s incapable of being”. Then he talked casting for the Stefan gig and the extended run on Days of Our Lives. Tyler Christopher exited abruptly and his last-minute recast then lasted for months.

DOOL Spoilers: Actor Surprised by Stabi Love and Fans Embracing Him

Brandon Barash also offered some Days of Our Lives spoilers info on the Stabi love trend. He said when he first started, he didn’t know if he’d wind up with (Nadia Bjorlin) or Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). Then, he said Stefan DiMera was a “complete a** to Chloe” and laughed.

Also, he said that he really appreciated the fans because he knew lots of them preferred Tyler Christopher in the role of Stefan. He said when they grew to accept him as the character over time, it meant a lot to him. Brandon said: “it’s sad to leave Stefan and everyone here behind”.

Then, there was Days of Our Lives spoilers chatter on the last scenes. Brandon Barash talked about Camila as Gabi and said “she’s brilliant, as always” as she says goodbye to her husband. Plus, he advised fans to “go to Costco” and get a “12 pack of Kleenex”.

Parallel Between Stefan DiMera Death – And Brandon’s Dad Passing in Real Life

In a truly touching moment, the DOOL actor also shared how strange it was that his character died in a lot the same was as Brandon’s father in real life. Brandon Barash said his father, Jerry Barash, passed suddenly after heart surgery due to medical malpractice. And he said it looked a lot like Stefan DiMera’s death scene.

He said the dialog about Stefan looking alive but only being kept there by machines breathing for him was like his father’s passing. Brandon said “it was exactly the dialog when we were in the hospital with my dad”. He called it a “swirling of coincidences”.

And the actor said the interview is the “first time I’ve talked about it”. Brandon said it was strange lying there as Stefan hooked up to machines on Days of Our Lives. Because, it reminded him of what he and his family went through with his father’s passing.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Stefan DiMera Coming Back?

There’s tons of DOOL spoilers chatter that Brandon Barash is already back on set filming new scenes. Yet in the interview (likely filmed months ago), he seemed certain he’s done. The soap actor said of leaving Stefan behind – it’s like saying “goodbye to a good friend who you’ll probably never see again”.

Brandon also said he was grateful for the opportunity at Days of Our Lives. He said: “it’s part of the business” to come and go on soaps. Then, the interviewer asked why he’s stuck playing bad guys like Stefan and Johnny Zacchara (GH). The actor laughed and said: “I must be a real a**hole”.

So, while the interview sounds like bad news for Stabi fans, you have to consider when it was filmed. All indications are that Brandon Barash taped the interview after filming Stefan DiMera’s dying scenes which would be 5-7 months ago. Perhaps before DOOL decided to resurrect Stefan.

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