‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brandon Barash Returns as Stefan – Actor Addresses Chatter

Days of Our Lives spoilers predict Stefan DiMera‘s time in Salem’s not done for good. Although we’ll see the last of Brandon Barash soon, it seems he’s already back on set shooting new scenes. Reportedly, the actor was back on set in September, but with the tape-to-air delay on DOOL, that means we won’t see him back until roughly Spring 2020. And it seems both Brandon and his scene partner Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) low-key confirmed his return. Check out what’s in store on the NBC sudser.

Is Brandon Barash Done – Stefan DiMera Leaving Days of Our Lives?

The answer to that, from DOOL spoilers, is both yes and no. Yes, Brandon Barash wraps his run on our TV screens – at least for now. So, yes, Stefan DiMera’s leaving Days of Our Lives. But no, this exit’s not permanent. There’s some wonky stuff about to happen in Salem soon and a huge twist including a time jump.

Chatter says the fast forward of about a year hits for November sweeps. And then there’s a big reveal of some critical info on New Year’s Eve. So, we’ll see Gabi grieve Stefan DiMera’s death for a few weeks and then things speed ahead instantly. And Days of Our Lives spoilers hint Stefan’s return ties into this event.

Days of Our Lives: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus)


DOOL Spoilers: Twist Brings Stefan Back to Salem – Hints From Camila Banus

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Stefan DiMera does indeed die – but his face returns to town. Brandon Barash is on set and filming scenes and seemed to casually confirm this fact. As did Camila Banus. You can see on the tweet above that states he’s back that Camila hit it with a like. Then, in a recent interview, here’s what Brandon Barash said.

He called the chatter about Stefan DiMera’s return a “murky area” in an Instagram video. Then, he added “we all know” because “it’s been confirmed” by many sites. Then, to play it safe, he declined to “confirm or deny” but by pointing to online articles about the return, it’s clear what Brandon Barash meant. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers on Stefan’s return seem solid.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Twin Twist Brings Back Stefan?

Remember two things from past DOOL spoilers. First, Xander marked a door “SD” in the Nashville warehouse. And Joseph Mascolo’s passed away. So, it’s highly doubtful that OG Stefano DiMera’s coming back. So, that’s a hint that either the Stefan DiMera that came to Salem was a doppelganger – or there was a spare Stefan behind that door.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also offer the good old standby of twins. Perhaps Vivian Alamain (Robin Strasser) didn’t know she gave birth to two. Or Stefano’s favorite mad scientist may have created a lookalike. Given the crazy plots on DOOL, there’s no telling how they could bring back Brandon Barash. But the good news is, Stefan DiMera’s coming back one or way another.

And that should thrill Stabi fans who hate to see Gabi in these sad final scenes with her dying husband Stefan DiMera. But don’t despair – Brandon Barash will be back. So, stay tuned to DOOL on NBC weekdays to see his sad (but short-term) farewell.

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