‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan Dead But Back Later in Twin Twist?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) might lose his life. Soon, the NBC soap’s making a one-year time jump, says the latest chatter. It could be that the jump comes not long after this big hinted event. This ties back to Vivian Alamain’s (Robin Strasser) stunning return and her vendetta against Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Check out the latest scoop on Brandon Barash’ exit and a coming twin-doppelganger twist.

With Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) in crisis – along with Kate Roberts, some life-saving biological donations are needed. The latest promo shows one of them is brain dead and another desperately needs a heart transplant. Will Stefan be part of this medical mystery because his life is on the line too? See NBC chatter for what’s next on the sudser.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Does Stefan DiMera Die?

Already, DOOL spoilers remind that Brandon Barash was slated to leave the soap this Fall. Then, there was talk that he’s extended his contract. However, chatter from a very reliable source says that he taped final scenes and is over and out. That’s further supported from Brandon Barash looking drastically different on his social media posts – including a very non-Stefan DiMera heavy beard. There’s lots of signs that Brandon exits soon.

This is not great news for Stabi fans. Stefan and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) just admitted they love each other. Things are going great for them and they might even have a baby bun in her oven, according to recent Days of Our Lives spoilers chatter. Of course, the news that his mom’s back from the dead is a troubling sign. And, Gabi and Stefan are very happy – that’s another sign of trouble because DOOL doesn’t let happy relationships thrive. So, is Stefan about to meet his maker?

DOOL Spoilers: Julie Williams Needs a Heart – Gabi Hernandez Stricken With Guilt

Another sign from Days of Our Lives spoilers that Stefan DiMera’s about to go is Julie’s heart crisis. Already, Gabi is sick with regret. It was tense when Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) told Gabi that Julie collapsed. Stefan and Gabi swapped a look because they knew it was bad news. Now, Gabi’s feeling guilty, particularly when she hears Julie needs a heart and can’t even get on the UNOS transplant list.

Plus, upcoming official spoilers say that Gabi must make a heart-breaking choice. And the new Fall promo (see below) have Gabi collapsing in tears – all alone without Stefan DiMera. And the Fall action also says that Vivian drags Stefan into her revenge plan and it turns bad. With Robin Strasser set for a run of about 15 episodes, the latest chatter is that Stefan DiMera’s death happens while she’s still on screen – which means sometime this month. Several sources confirmed Brandon is done and Days of Our Lives spoilers of his exit are spot on. But is there hope?

Days of Our Lives: Strange Twist Brings Stefan Doppelganger?

The interesting thing with DOOL is that they film so far ahead that they don’t know how their storylines will rate until months after they film. So, Brandon Barash filled Tyler Christopher’s shoes with an exit set for late Summer. Now, it seems the showrunner wrote a storyline to bring him back after his death and heart donation. Remember, there’s someone else that’s the boss. It’s not Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk). They talked about it yesterday on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers chatter is that the Stefan DiMera we see now is either a twin or a doppelganger.

So, that means they can bring back the “real” Stefan in a few months. And remember there’s another big twist coming. There’s a time jump leaked and confirmed. The fast forward jumps everyone ahead a year. That means Gabi Hernandez loses Stefan DiMera, then we jump ahead. Next, we may see a returned Stefan DiMera for sweeps later this year. The Brandon Barash exit chatter is confirmed as is the time jump. So, it’s just a matter of waiting to see how he exits and if we get a twin/doppelganger twist.

But it’s most likely that Gabi agrees to give Julie Williams his heart to make up for her leaving her to die. This is a sad plot twist for Stabi fans. Wait to see what’s next for Stefan DiMera on the NBC soap.

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