‘Crime & Justice’: Chris Watts – Shanann Murder Trial May Have Alexa Witness

Crime & Justice on HLN notes a potential witness in Chris Watts’ murder trial of Shanann Watts. Amazon’s Alexa Echo smart speaker. As seen in below videos, Shanann Watts and her girls used Alexa. Alexa may have captured Shanann’s murder on a recording. The deaths of the Watts children may also have been recorded. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield noted that Alexa may record even when her “awake” word isn’t spoken.

Will Chris Watts’ mistress emerge?

Along with Alexa as a possible witness, Crime & Justice asks if Chris Watts’ mistress will emerge. Chris admitted his affair with a coworker. It isn’t clear if the mistress worked at Anadarko with Watts, or if she was an oil industry employee at another company. On June 27, a photo of Chris and Shanann at the beach was posted to Facebook.

Now more details about Chris’ “standoffish” behavior weeks later emerge. Michele Greer ran into the family on August 2, at Myrtle Beach. Michelle said there was no way Shanann would have killed the girls. Days before the wife and kids vanished, Chris was at a birthday party.

“Family man” Chris Watts fooled many – including Shanann Watts

“Will husband’s alleged mistress come forward?” asks Crime & Justice in the second video. Chris Watts was a “family man” to some friends. Others say Chris was standoffish, while Shanann was a doting mother. A recent beach vacation featured Shanann snapping photos of the girls. Watts stood by the wayside.

He confessed to murdering his wife and unborn son, but blamed her for the death of their two daughters. Jeremy Lindstrom called Chris a good mechanic. “Why do people do this? There had to have been an easier route,” Jeremy said.


Alleged mistress names, photos spreading

In 2009, the Watts Family sold their house in Belmont, North Carolina. It was in Shannan’s name. The family who bought the house wondered why they left so much furniture in the home. As news of bankruptcy spreads, so do alleged photos of Watts’ girlfriend.

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