‘Today’: Chris Watts Admits Affair with Coworker and Tinder Mistress Comes Forward

Chris Watts revealed his affair with a Colorado coworker and a tinder mistress comes forward on Facebook.

Unconfirmed names of several women spread online as Chris’ alleged mistress/girlfriend. In a Facebook group dedicated to Shanann Watts, another woman wrote she allegedly met Chris on Tinder. Chris was charged on Tuesday with the deaths of his wife Shanann Watts and their daughters. According to the Today show, this occurred after he confessed to an affair. Shanann was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, Niko Watts. Chris claims he saw Shanann strangle their 3-year-old daughter, Bella Watts. He then allegedly flew into a murderous rage and killed Shanann.

Chris Watts in 2012: “You get bored…”

Chris Watts’ admitted affair with a coworker is at the center of the tragedy. Folks are searching for Watts’ murder motive and affair partner. Colorado court records appear online, and internet sleuths pour over Chris’ witness list to discover his likely mistress-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Watts’ 2012 speech about relationships is going viral. Chris spoke about needing work distractions when relationships tire. “No matter how harmless even at the job you might meet a new person,” Chris said. That affair could “strengthen into something else and could weaken the bond you have.”


Chris Watts: “Negative future” with your partner

In 2012, when Chris Watts married Shanann Watts, he spoke of promises turning into a major betrayal. Watts pegged “interpersonal dissatisfaction” as the source of unhappiness. “You also begin to see your future with your partner as a negative future,” Watts said.

Social media posts display a heftier Chris during the speech, Watts transformed into a tattooed muscular man over time. In 2012, he spoke of the shock that comes with relationship distance. “You spend less of your free time with each other,” he said. Awkward silences, solo dinners followed. “You just don’t talk at all. You disclose less of your feelings and you share less affection toward each other,” Watts surmised.



Shanann Watts friend: Chris Watts should say, ‘I’m an a**hole.’

Shanann Watts’ friend isn’t buying Chris’ words. Watts should say he’s an “a**hole,” Shanann’s friend told CBS Evening News. Shanann’s friend thinks Chris is lying. She believes Watts killed his wife and children. “He should have said, ‘I did it. He should have said, ‘I’m an a****le. I am completely a monster.'”

Years before Chris and Shanann had children, he spoke of kids positively. Watts questioned the desire to have kids as important self-reflection. Chris told the audience to ask, “Do I have a moral obligation to stay in this relationship?”  Necessity versus morality was debated. A child could help repair a deteriorated relationship, Chris claimed.

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