‘Crime Watch Daily’: Shanann Watts Eerie Facebook Photos

Syndicated investigative television show Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen reported Shanann Watts’ disappearance. After her body was found, Shanann Watts’ Facebook page was retitled “Remembering Shanann Watts.” 34-year-old Shanann Watts was 15-weeks pregnant when she went missing and now husband Chris Watts was arrested. Police also charged Chris in the death of the children.

Shanann Watts’ husband, Chris Watts allegedly confesses to murder

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported that three-year-old Celeste Watts and four-year-old Bella Watts are also dead along with mom Shanann. As noted by Crime Watch Daily, police recovered her body in the Frederick area.

CBS4 confirmed that Shanann’s family was told that her husband Chris confessed but police would not confirm or deny. As police limit information to the public, readers pore over Shanann Watts‘ Facebook photos for clues about Chris.

Chris Watts’ Facebook photos, creepy interview

Chris Watts appeared in the interview below and talked about Shanann and their girls. Now there’s growing backlash over his social media photos and videos. Facebook users are piling comments on Shanann Watts‘ FB page and writing RIP wishes for beautiful Bella and Cici.

On the photo above, one user commented: “I find the look on his face worrisome as it’s evil and calculating. Rest in Peace beautiful angel with your beautiful babies.” Another added: “I’d have to agree. She was living in torment and no telling how long he was plotting on her. This makes me so angry. She and her girls didn’t deserve this.”

Facebook reactions to Shanann and the girls’ deaths

Facebook users reacted strongly to the photos and one wrote, “I totally agree. He looks so sinister. I wish she could have gotten away with her babies. It’s horrible! Just heartbreaking.” Others on social media wonder if there was something extramarital going on with Scott and another woman.

I just knew he was guilty when they were first reported missing. Wonder if he was having an affair? That’s usually the case,” wrote another. Many comments on Shanann’s public Facebook page referenced Sleeping With the Enemy and other similar concerns.

Others drew comparisons from this case to that of Scott Peterson who is on death row in San Quentin State Prison. Shanann’s tragic case of a pregnant woman losing her life like this reminds many of the death of Scott’s wife, Laci Peterson.

With two young daughters involved in Shanann’s case, it’s a triple tragedy. However, there is no public confirmation that Chris confessed as some sites reported.

Some on Facebook speculated that a possible mistress was involved and that would make the case eerily similar to Scott Peterson. No matter who’s responsible for the death of Shanann and her children, it is a tragedy that social media users can’t fathom.

Perhaps the saddest photo is one that Shanann Watts posted on May 5. She captioned a photo of herself with Chris writing: “I love this man! He’s my ROCK!”

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