‘Counting On’: Michelle Duggar Makes Up Her Own Reality

Counting On mother Michelle Duggar seems to live in her own world, according to some TLC fans. Recently, the family had a big get-together, and some people notice they had flipped the script on some Easter goodies.

Counting On: No Devil for Michelle Duggar

When the Counting On family got together for Easter, Jessa Duggar brought some eggs over. No one knew what they were because they kept calling them angel eggs. But once they were made, they quickly noticed that they were deviled eggs.

Michelle Duggar wouldn’t have anything to do with the devil. So, they changed it from deviled eggs to angel eggs, even though the name does not refer to the devil. In fact, it comes from hundreds of years ago and refers to spicy food.

Counting On fans said Michelle might have gone a little too far on this one. Some people wondered if the children and grandchildren even knew the real name of the eggs. Whatever the case, it seems like they enjoyed eating it.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar

Michelle Enjoys Her Big Family

Counting On viewers said they couldn’t believe they all got together during the pandemic. Jim Bob Duggar did say that everyone wasn’t there because their family is getting so big. Michelle seemed happy to have everyone there and said she now has more grandbabies than biological children.

Michelle and Jim Bob of Counting On took in Tyler so, it’s likely she considers him her non-biological child. They also have a lot of the kid’s friends over to hang out at the big house. Jessa said she wished she had the patience of her mom, Michelle Duggar, but it seems like Michelle really enjoys it.

Not only does it seem like she’s in denial over the eggs, but she doesn’t seem to realize there is a pandemic. Arkansas never really went into lockdown, so it’s been pretty normal out there for everyone which is why they had such a big get-together.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar

Counting On: Focusing on the Reason for the Season

Michelle Duggar from the show Counting On said it is important to think about Jesus throughout the Easter season. They even sat around with some of their kids and talked about how lost they would be without Jesus. Michelle said that she realizes she is an inadequate person without Him.

Jessa Duggar also gave some words about what a terrible person she used to be when she was 12. Her husband, Ben Seewald, also said that he did a lot of bad things as a teenager. Michelle seemed to agree with his statement and nodded in approval that he changed.

Counting On parents Jim Bob and Michelle always want their kids to focus on living a quiet and non-prideful life. It seems like most of the kids are following in their teaching, and Michelle Duggar is happy about it.

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