‘Counting On’: Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Celebrate James Duggar on 19th Birthday

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar wish their thirteenth child, son James Duggar, a happy birthday. They said that they are happy to see the godly man he’s grown into. Today James is 19 years old.

Counting On: James Duggar Is the “Funcle”

Michelle Duggar says that James Duggar is the “funcle” or the fun uncle in the family. She goes on to say that all the younger boys look up to James and want to be like him. That is quite the compliment seeing as there are so many other uncles to look up to.

James is known as the fixer in the Counting On family and can do anything he sets his mind to. Michelle Duggar said he was always taking things apart and putting them back together when he was little. And apparently, he would add some modifications when he would put things back together.

Now, James of Counting On has his commercial driver’s license (CDL) and he’s learned to drive trucks and big machinery. They go on to say that they can’t wait to see what God has in store for him. Take a look below at a couple of pics of James Duggar as a young teen and when he was just a boy.

Counting On: James Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar Teaches His Kids About Business

Many of Jim Bob’s kids are very business savvy. Plus, his daughters know how to haggle and drive a hard bargain. While none of the Duggar women work outside the home, aside from being on Counting On. Yet, they all stay busy. It seems like James Duggar is ready to get down to business himself.

Being able to drive trucks and heavy machinery and having your CDL by the time you’re 19 is no small task. We still don’t see James on social media at all. We know that most Duggars don’t get on social media until after their marriage. Now that James Duggar is getting into business, he might get a pass.

Counting On fans aren’t sure what’s next for James Duggar. But they look forward to finding out what’s going to happen with him. Many people have watched him grow up from a baby, so it feels like he’s part of the family.

Counting On: James Duggar

Will We See More of Michelle Duggar’s #13 Kid on Counting On?

James Duggar hasn’t let being 13 of 19 kids stop him from doing what he wants. As he gets older, we’ll likely see even more of him. In the upcoming episodes of Counting On, we look forward to seeing James working on his goals, getting his CDL, and more.

Season 11 of Counting On could include the lives of some rarely seen cast members. Since Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth won’t be on the show as much – the question is who replaces them? Will young James surprise us and be one of the featured children on the show?

Everyone is waiting for the next courting announcement. So, with his new career in place, perhaps James Duggar beats some of his older brothers to the punch.

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