‘Counting On’: Duggar News – Season 11 Premiere Date

Counting On fans are excited about the season 11 premiere date in July on TLC. Duggar family fans are also excited about the new developments we are going to see on the show. Last season we found out there were five Duggar women pregnant. Fans are excited about a Duggar family update.

Counting On Season 11 Episode 1

Counting On viewers are holding their breath to see what is going to happen on season 11 and for the first showing and the premiere date of Counting On. We know the show is going to have some major differences over last year. We’re going to see the Duggars dealing with the pandemic. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are one of the feature families. They are going to share their experience trying to keep their young kids busy during the quarantine.

Another issue we are going to get to go behind the scenes is the California restrictions. The Counting On Duggars in Arkansas never went under lockdown. But in California, there were serious lockdowns and even some major unrest. We are going to get to see how the young couple that is very new to California dealt with things.

We will also see Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar talk about self-imposed isolation. While there were no rules about staying away from each other in their state, they did make the decision to social distance. While we know it didn’t happen all the time, there was a lot of the time when they stayed away from each other.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar - Ben Seewald

Changing Coming to the Cast

We do know there are going to be some changes to the cast. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard of Counting On have been out since 2017. But there are more family members that aren’t going to be on the show. Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth are taking a step back. Plus, there is a lot of gossip swarming around about Anna Duggar her right now as to the possibility of a 7th child.

While there is no confirmation of the 7th child for Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar, fans await more news. And fans are interested to see where things go with Anna. She recently turned 32 and also shared photos of their baby Maryella turning 7 months old.

It looks like Joy-Anna and Austin might end up coming back to the show for guest appearances. And Anna should as well.

Counting On - Jinger Duggar - Jeremy Vuolo

When Is Counting On Coming Back 2020 for the Season Premiere?

There were a lot of special moments last season. But Counting On lovers are ready to see what’s next. The premiere date of season 11 of Counting On is July 7th at 8 pm on TLC. Not only will we get to see episode 1. But we will also get to see episode 2 on the same night.

While we do know some about the first episode, the cast and network are keeping quiet about episode 2 of the new season of Counting On. Now that you know the answer to, ‘When does Counting On return?’ you can set your DVRs for Counting On to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the fun.

One of the things we do know is that we are likely to see a little bit of footage before quarantine hit. It does seem like we are going to get to be out and about with the family. But not for long.

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