‘Counting On’: Michelle and Jim Bob Stalk Grown Kids – Did They Go Too Far?

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar admitted to stalking their children. Critics are freaking out about this new level of crazy. Are they going too far? Or are they well within their rights as parents?

Counting On: Fans Freak Out Over New Level of Overreach by Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On fans are not happy with Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob Duggar’s new admission. The Duggar parents let the cat out of the bag when they talked about electronic usage. They seemed to say that they tracked their kids, including adult children, through their cell phones.

Almost any non-fundamentalist would see tracking adult children as an invasion of privacy. But it doesn’t sound like the Counting On Duggars agree. It doesn’t even seem like they knew they said anything that might cause concern in others.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Are Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar’s Kids on Board With “Monitoring”?

Even though Jim Bob Duggar and partner Michelle Duggar say that their grown children are on board, is that the truth? Critics of the family say it’s a control tactic. Others wonder if the parents are still tracking Counting On‘s Jinger Duggar and her family, even when they are in Los Angeles.

The Counting On couple went on to say that they use a program to track cell phones. This is supposed to only be for the children that live in the house. But many wonder if they ever stop tracking them, even after they move out of the house. Many note that their strange beliefs might justify it in their minds to keep tabs on their kids.

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Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On Kids Must Confess to Momma Duggar

Michelle Duggar also shared that each night the children have to confess their impure thoughts. The way they start the conversation is by asking about their “struggles” that day. Even so, they didn’t say what a struggle actually is. Fans and critics alike say it sounds like a strange thing to do to the children. And another way to control the Counting On children.

Are Jim Bob Duggar and wife Michelle Duggar way past normal and healthy boundary lines? With over the age of 18 children and even their younger children in the home, it seems like everyone says — yes! The children aren’t even allowed to have private thoughts. But instead, they have to share everything they think with their parents from Counting On before they are allowed to go to sleep.

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