‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar ‘Let Himself Go’ Says Fans – See Pics

Counting On‘s Josh Duggar has made some major changes in recent years. And one of the major changes TLC fans noticed was that he’s “let himself go.”

Counting On: Josh Duggar ‘Grosses Out’ Fans

Josh Duggar is not a fan favorite after news about when he assaulted his Counting On sisters. And then even more news later that he was living a double life. In fact, he came into the limelight again for cheating on his wife.

Now viewers of Counting On said that his photos from Christmas “grossed them out.” Fans looked at photos of Josh from the side and said that he really let himself go. And that it doesn’t seem like men have to keep themselves looking good like the women do.

Other Counting On watchers said he must not have to be “joyfully available” to anyone. The women in the family have to be that for the men, but it doesn’t seem to be the other way around. Whatever the case, fans don’t think he is doing well with self-care.

Counting On: Josh Duggar

Fan Accuses Josh of ‘Sneaking Alcohol’

In one of the photos from Christmas, Josh Duggar has a big mug. Counting On fans think that he’s sneaking alcohol into the house. One fan said that they knew the look well because they used to do it.

Drinking alcohol is a big no-no in the Duggar family. But it wouldn’t be the first time that Josh Duggar went against the family values. After Josh’s affair, the family hid him away, and he and his family now live in a warehouse on the family’s property.

Many viewers from Counting On agree that they think Josh might have had something “extra” in the drink. But besides his grin and the big mug, there isn’t much evidence of happy juice in his jug. Fans said it must be tough on the sisters being around their abuser all of the time.

Counting On: Josh Duggar

Counting On: Sisters Forgive Their Brother

Some of Josh’s sisters say they forgive him. They said it upset them, but many of them didn’t even know it happened for a long time. When it did come out, they said it was more terrible than learning about it from their parents.

Josh Duggar tried to move on from the terrible things he did. He and Anna even have six kids together now and look happy. Fans of Counting On say they can’t believe that she stays with him.

In light of recent photos, fans say that Anna is way out of Josh’s league. And viewers think that she is staying with him for the money. This is especially true since Jim Bob Duggar gave her the ability to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on a real estate deal not long ago.

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