‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar and Anna Celebrate 5-Year-Old Meredith

Counting On‘s Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar are celebrating their 5-year-old daughter Meredith Duggar. Meredith is their second out of three daughters and one of six children. This big family has a lot of fun celebrating birthdays and Meredith is looking adorable.

Counting On: Happy Birthday Wishes from Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar from Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC is always very good at writing sweet things to her children on their birthdays. And with so many birthdays to celebrate, she’s got plenty of practice.

Anna shared photos of Meredith in an adorable dress that matched her birthday balloon. She even had a ribbon that said birthday girl on it. Her cute little smile showed she was very happy to be turning 5.

Anna Duggar of Counting On said that she can’t believe she is five already. She went on to say that her daughter loves painting, baby dolls, and tea parties. But she also said that her daughter likes things like frogs and grasshoppers since she has brothers.

Counting On: Meredith Duggar

More Sweet Things About the Meredith Duggar

Meredith’s mother Anna Duggar shared more sweet things about her daughter. She said her daughter knows just when to offer a hug. Anna has been through a lot with Josh Duggar, Meredith’s father, so fans of Counting On believe she might need quite a few hugs.

Anna continued and said that her daughter didn’t have any problems making new friends. She enjoys singing and putting smiles on other people’s faces. Anna Duggar says that she’s the perfect mix of sweet and spunk.

Being a Mom is one of the highlights of her life according to Counting On’s Anna. And she says she loves being Meredith’s mom.

Counting On: Meredith Duggar

No Josh Duggar, But Will We See Meredith In ‘Counting On’?

Viewers of the show Counting On love seeing all the little Duggar children. Despite the scandals of their father Josh Duggar, fans keep an eye out for Meredith and her siblings on the show. Mom, Anna Duggar is still on the show this season. But we are pretty sure Josh will never be welcome back on the network.

Josh Duggar is still going through legal issues and the network is doing their best to distance themselves from him. It is only recently that Anna from the tv series Counting On started to post more photos with her husband Josh. Even though she’s decided to forgive him for the things he’s done, it seems like there might still be anger there.

Some people believe Anna is still it out with Josh Duggar because she wants to inherit the house. But there’s no proof of that rumor.

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