‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Shows off Maryella’s Latest Achievement

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar was enjoying the beautiful Arkansas weather with Maryella Duggar. And she had to show fans that Maryella achieved a new skill.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Keeps Busy with Kids

Anna Duggar of Counting On keeps busy with Maryella and her other five kids. Fans always compliment her on how well put together her kids look. Even when they are out playing, Maryella Duggar and her siblings look fancy.

TLC’s Anna does a lot of outdoor activities with Maryella and the others. Since they live on Jim Bob Duggar’s big property, it’s not hard to find somewhere to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Not too long ago, the kids went fishing and got some good catches out of the pond.

The weather is still nice in Arkansas, so Anna Duggar of the show Counting On took the kids to the park to play. Anna shared a video of Maryella, and viewers noticed that she reached a new milestone. And she shared some details about Maryella Duggar.

Counting On: Maryella Duggar

Anna Brags on Maryella Duggar

Counting On star Anna Duggar is a proud mom. And she has something new to celebrate Maryella Duggar for. Maryella started walking, and fans saw how good she did.

Anna told fans of Counting On that Maryella first took steps around 8 months old. But it wasn’t until she was 9 months old when she started walking better. And now, at 10 months old, she is walking very well.

In fact, some fans noticed she did a good job of keeping up with her siblings. Viewers of Counting On said the children all look very happy and healthy. And a few others asked Anna if she planned on having more kids. But she said she was still nursing, so she had some time before she could get pregnant.

Counting On: Maryella Duggar

Counting On: Living Life as Normal

Despite people continually asking Anna Duggar if she will leave Josh Duggar, she stays with him. Some people think Josh turned over a new leaf and others think Anna is in it for the money. However, it does look like she will get the money.

Jim Bob Duggar worked out a deal that will allow Anna to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit from the sale of a house. Even though Counting On celeb Josh, his wife Anna, their daughter Maryella and the rest of the kids live in a warehouse building; it seems they are doing good financially—thanks to Jim Bob.

Anna doesn’t act like anything is going on. In fact, it looks like she enjoys her life watching Maryella Duggar, and the rest of her kids grow up.

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