‘Counting On’ Jinger Duggar Vuolo Shops With Brothers, Fans Battle With Boys’ Names

Counting On’s Jinger Duggar Vuolo posted up an Instagram story. The short looping clip showed the boys pushing Felicity in her stroller as they crossed the car park. Later, after shopping for clothes, Jinger shared a photo of them standing with their shopping bags. Unsurprisingly, not everyone knew who the boys were. The kids grow so fast and look very much like each other as they go through their puberty years. Many fans battled to put names to the faces of the boys.

How well do fans know the ‘Counting On’ boys?

Some fans of Counting On drift away for a while and discover the whole family changed while they were gone. Other dedicated fans sometimes become confused as well. Also, media coverage seems to focus more on the married sons and daughters in the Duggar family, and their babies. This means that sometimes the younger kids get lost in the crowd. The ever-expanding family really can become a bit confusing. How well do you know the Duggar Boys? Would you name them in the image further down in this article straight away?

Jinger Duggar and her brothers were in Laredo and off they went with baby Felicity to buy some clothes at the Laredo Outlets. Jinger’s caption said she was going out with her “bros.” But some fans argued that one of them probably wasn’t a brother. Some of them suggested the one nearest to Jinger, standing a little to the back, was a Bates boy. However, rhondamarie_987, replying to a question about his identity by @fran__martin, said they thought it was Jason. But they initially thought it was a Bates, too.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo easily identified by fans

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, of course, is easily identified as she’s a firm fan favorite. Her marriage to Jeremy and subsequent birth to sweet little “Lissy” means Counting On fans hardly ever get confused about her. That’s why the focus was on her brothers. One suggested Jer, another Jed, yet another said Jeremiah looks too old to be the boy in the picture. @maddi_roch was quick to name Jed as the boy pushing the stroller. She noted how “proud” he looked. Meanwhile, @karen.cundiff and fran__martin identified the boy on the right of Jed as James.

Still perplexed about the boy at the back, some thought he was Tyler, but it was then noted that he’s way smaller and his face is thinner. Meanwhile, Nathan or Trace were names thrown into the debate, which grew quite enjoyable, apart from moaning trolls complaining about them buying clothes instead of using hand-me-downs. Eventually, it seems the conclusion was that Jinger went shopping with either Jed, Jeremiah and Jason, or Jed, James, and Jason. It seems nobody is totally sure. Can you make them out?

Some ‘Counting On’ fans wished Joe and Kendra would post more

A little side argument developed when one user said that they wished  Kendra, Joe and other Duggars would also post photos as often as Jinger Duggar does. Some fans felt that might be why many people battled with the boys’ names. One of them was sad that Garret is growing up and fans don’t get to see it all happening. But others felt they had no obligation to post anything if they didn’t want to. Others felt that they were obliged to share things with fans who pay to watch their reality TV show, Counting On.

How do you feel about fans demanding that the entire Duggar family share pictures on social media? Were you able to put names to all the boys on the outing with Jinger Duggar Vuolo?

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