‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo’s Motives Questioned by Fans

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo excitedly put out a new project, but he didn’t get the response he expected. In fact, some fans questioned his motives.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo & Jinger Duggar Welcome New Baby

Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger Duggar had a lot of exciting things happen recently. One of those great things was welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the Counting On family. Their new daughter’s name is Evangeline Jo Vuolo.

Viewers of Counting On were happy to hear that the new baby came safe and sound. Jeremy said that Jinger’s delivery was safe and without complication. Jeremy Vuolo’s mother was in town to make sure everything was fine when she went into labor.

Not only did Jeremy’s mom come in to help with the baby, but Michelle Duggar came as well. Viewers said the Counting On baby looks healthy and happy. Everyone congratulated them on their new baby, but when they launched a new business—not everyone showed their support.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo - Jinger Duggar - Evangeline

Jeremy Receives Backlash

Counting On star TLC’s Jeremy Vuolo talked about a new product line. Jeremy and Jinger showed off some hats they would sell. Some fans said that it was great that they had their new faith-based line, but not everyone agreed.

Fans of Counting On asked what charity their clothing would go to. They said things like, “Where is the money from these sales going? I like to know what charity I’m supporting before making a purchase from someone.” Another fan told them it was their own private business, and they keep all the proceeds.

One critic told Counting On celeb Jeremy that they didn’t like them making money off their faith. Others stood behind the couple and said it shouldn’t matter. And that plenty of people make money off their religion.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar Vuolo - Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On: Living a Full and Happy Life

Despite the critique from many fans of the Counting On show, Jeremy Vuolo continues happily. In fact, he didn’t pay much mind to the critics that didn’t think they should keep the money. He and Jinger Duggar kept promoting their new brand and are making sales.

Jeremy of Counting On said that he is so thankful for the women in his life. He said he is grateful for his wife and his two daughters. Jeremy is spending a lot of time hanging out with his new daughter.

Since there is a pandemic going on, they have to be very careful. Since there is a lockdown, Jeremy Vuolo has the ability to stay home with Jinger and the new baby. And fans are glad they have a happy and healthy life.

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