‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Adjusts to Double Daughter Life

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo has always said he enjoys being a girl dad. And now he is dealing with double daughter life and has some comments on how it is going.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo Welcomes Baby Girl with Jinger Duggar

Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On already had one daughter, Felicity Vuolo. Felicity is only two years old, and now they have a newborn to take care of. It seems like Jinger and Jeremy were ready for their newest little one, though.

Not long before Jinger’s pregnancy with this new baby, she miscarried. Jeremy and Jinger said it was a difficult time, but they felt like God walked them through it. Despite their tough times, the Counting On parents wanted to turn it around to help other people.

Recently, TLC’s Jeremy welcomed Evangeline Jo Vuolo into the world. She was happy and healthy at her birth, and neither Jeremy nor Jinger reported any complications for the new Counting On cast member. Fans were happy to hear that things went well and that Jinger Duggar has family in town in Los Angeles to help out.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo - Jinger Duggar - Evangeline

Jeremy Loves His Ladies

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo recently said he doesn’t need a holiday to show thanks for the women in his life. He talked about Jinger, Felicity, and his new daughter Evangeline. Jeremy went on to say, “They are amazing, and I am thankful.”

Jeremy Vuolo is taking care of the newest little one so Jinger can get some rest. It’s likely some of the Counting On family is helping out as well. Little sister Jordyn Duggar was there waiting for the baby to be born, and she may get some more experience taking care of babies.

Counting On celeb Jeremy did his best to keep his wife happy while waiting for the new baby to get her. He showered her with flowers and her favorite ice cream. And viewers are sure that won’t stop now that the baby is here. Though it does seem like he’s keeping his arms busy.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo - Evangeline Vuolo

Counting On: Enjoying a Beautiful Family Life

With their life up in the air right now due to COVID-19, it’s likely that Jeremy Vuolo and his Counting On crew will lie low. They still live at the ministry house, which isn’t likely to change during the pandemic and with a new baby. When they first moved in, they didn’t think they would be there long. But it looks like their time there is indefinite at this point.

Jinger said Felicity has a nice little yard to play in and she likes looking out the window. Now that the Counting On couple has a new baby, Jinger said Felicity Vuolo would need to get used to sharing. Fans say that Jinger Duggar likely has a good deal of knowledge about sharing.

Counting On fans are happy the family is healthy and happy. And viewers think Jeremy is doing well with his new fatherly responsibilities.

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