‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Loses Hair Bet – See Before and After

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo has been rocking long hair for a few weeks now. But it looks like it’s time to cut those long locks of dark hair. His wife, Jinger Duggar, says that she likes his long hair. But he’s still getting it cut.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo Says It’s Too Hot

Everyone was betting Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hair long because of the heat. And it seems like they were right because Jeremy Vuolo couldn’t handle the heat.

It isn’t clear if Jeremy Vuolo asked Jinger if she wanted him to keep the hair or not. But either way, Jinger is pretty easy going and likely wouldn’t bother him to keep his hair. With the high temps out in Los Angeles, it can be pretty unbearable.

Even though Jeremy Vuolo and his family have lived in LA for quite a while, they still might be getting used to the weather. Texas did have somewhat of a similar climate, but there are always differences, even if there are similar temps.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Wear a Mask for Your Cut

One of the reasons Jeremy Vuolo from Counting On might have been waiting is due to COVID-19. He did say that he was letting his hair grow because of his grandfather. He said that his grandfather said his hair was nice. And Jeremy wanted to keep his hair for his grandfather.

It did last a little while, but now we get to see the before and after of Jeremy’s hair makeover. Even with COVID, Jeremy decides to head out with a mask and to get a haircut. They even sat out on the balcony to keep from being indoors.

Everyone is trying to stay outside and away from people to keep from putting themselves at risk of getting COVID. It looks like Jeremy from the TV series Counting On is doing his part.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On: The Fashion King Jeremy Gets His Groove Back

Everyone that watches Counting On says that Jeremy Vuolo is the fashion expert of the show. He even said that he helps Jinger with her fashion. And she admits that he does help her out in that department.

If you’re going to look amazing with your fashion, you need to have your hair in order too. Fans are glad to have the normal Jeremy look back. They say it was getting a little strange looking at himwith his long hair.

Many people that watch Counting On that comes on TLC at 8 pm on Tuesday nights are ready to see more from the Vuolo family. There is plenty more to come, but Jeremy’s new do is definitely a fan favorite.

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