‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Happy Over Weird Error

Counting On dad Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar are inside a lot with young Felicity Vuolo and new baby Evangeline Jo Vuolo. Since they have two little ones during a pandemic, they eat in a lot, and recently they got a weird surprise.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo Confused Over Food

Jeremy Vuolo and the family sat at home one evening, and the doorbell rang. When Counting On celeb Jeremy went to answer, the pizza delivery guy was there. The only problem was that he hadn’t ordered any pizza.

TLC star Jeremy was honest and said that they hadn’t ordered the food – even though it was from one of their favorite places. The delivery guy had three Philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Old Sicily. Jeremy Vuolo called the place and asked them what was going on, and they said they got the wrong address.

Since the food would be cold if they took it to the other people, they gave the food to them. Jeremy Vuolo from Counting On said that this was the best mistake ever. TLC fans said it worked out for the store, too, since they got cheap publicity.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy Nervous Over Being Solo Birth Helper

Counting On dad Jeremy Vuolo didn’t seem nervous until right before the birth of Evangeline. He started getting nervous as the birthing experience drew nearer. The good thing is that they had a midwife that helped them understand what needed to take place.

Michelle Duggar flew in from Arkansas to be with Jinger, but she couldn’t go to the hospital. Jeremy worried he might miss something or do something wrong. He said the last time they had a baby, there was a whole crew in the hospital room.

Thankfully, they said it was a pretty easy process, and Jeremy Vuolo did a great job helping his Counting On wife Jinger. Jinger Duggar had the doctors give her an epidural, and she said it went well with only having to push for about two hours. Jinger said they did well since she had her pain help, and Jeremy was with her while munching on a sandwich.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo - Jinger Duggar

Counting On: Plans Derailed by the Pandemic

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo didn’t plan on staying at the ministry house this long. But with the pandemic and now a new baby, they aren’t sure how long they’ll be there.

As of right now, there aren’t a lot of public plans for the Counting On couple. However, they do have a book coming out in the near future. They did start a clothing line, but it didn’t seem to go very far. Even their podcast is no longer up, and fans wonder if they are going to share that content elsewhere.

Whatever the case, it seems like things aren’t going exactly as planned. Fans that watch Counting On hope everything works out for them, and it does seem like they do have some good luck since free food comes right to their doorstep.

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