‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Receives Parenting Advice from TLC Star

Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo recently asked his fans and followers their opinion on screen time. Jeremy and his wife Jinger Duggar Vuolo are the parents of two-year-old, Felicity Vuolo, and are expecting a second daughter later this year. Like many parents, the Vuolos are finding themselves leaning on technology to help them keep their children occupied and entertained.

However, Jeremy wonders how much of a good thing is too much. So he turned to social media to take the pulse of his fans. One of the first to respond was a fellow TLC star from a different show. Continue reading to see which reality star offered advice to the soon to be dad-of-two.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo Worries About Felicity

Counting On dad Jeremy Vuolo is concerned about his daughter Felicity. He’s worried that she might be spending too much time with her face buried in a device. Jeremy sites an article showing that even Silicon Valley parents have the same concerns. In fact, many of those parents have gone as far as limiting or even outright banning their child’s use of such technology.

The Counting On personality says Felicity is at that age where she’s very much engaged with shows and videos. He says it’s “ridiculously cute” when she asks for a “Shoo! Shoo!”. However, both he and Felicity’s mom Jinger are concerned their daughter will become hooked. They see how easy and convenient it is to rely on technology to entertain her. So the doting dad asks his fanbase if they set limits on their own children’s usage and asks for tips.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Little People, Big World‘s Tori Roloff Offers Advice to Jeremy

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff was one of the first to respond to Counting On’s Jeremy Vuolo’s request for tips for possible screen limits for his daughter. Tori is the mom of two herself and her oldest son Jackson is less than a year older than Jeremy’s daughter. Both Jeremy and Tori are two average people who married into families with popular TLC reality shows. So Tori’s advice certainly is welcomed and appreciated. After all, they have a lot in common. Especially since their every move is documented for television and scrutinized on the internet.

Tori says she and her husband Zach Roloff try to limit Jackson’s screen time. She adds she prefers to watch shows with her son. This way she can ask him questions to reflect on what he’s seeing instead of just “zoning out”.  Tori also shares with the Counting On father, “it’s our job as parents to help teach our kids to manage their time’. She admits that leading by example is the best way to accomplish this. However, she also confesses that its a challenge for her when it comes to time spent on technology.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On: Fans Agree With Tori

Jeremy Vuolo likes the advice he received from his Counting On followers. Most echoed the sentiments shared by Tori Roloff that parents need to lead by example. Others also said there are many other ways to keep a child occupied besides relying on electronics. They suggested puzzles, Legos, and books. It certainly is a challenge to set limits for children. However, if they see you practicing what you preach then they will likely follow your lead and find other ways to spend their time. Fans remind Jeremy that once you fall down the technology rabbit hole, it’s difficult to go back and establish limits.

Counting On returns for season 11 Tuesday, July 7 at 8 pm on TLC.

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