‘Counting On’: Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar Weird Sleeping Arrangement at New House

 Counting On‘s Jeremiah Duggar and Jedidiah Duggar made fans do a doubletake when they saw how the twins are sleeping in their new house. It’s definitely unlike any other men that have their own house sleep as far as we’ve seen.

Counting On: It’s Time to Get Your Own Place Jedidiah Duggar

It appears that Jedidiah Duggar and his twin Jeremiah Duggar of Counting On recently got their own place. In the first episode of the 11th season of Counting On, everyone was playing a game via Zoom. And Jedidiah and Jeremiah were at the same place but not at the Duggar house where they’ve been living.

Some Counting On fans think that Jedidiah who put his bid in for public office might have heard people were saying, “Free bunk bed Jed.” And he might have thought it was going to hurt his political future.

Whatever the case, we’re sure that what viewers are seeing now isn’t going to put anyone at ease. If anything, it’s making everyone do a doubletake. And they’re asking why their sleeping arrangement is like it is.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar

Let’s Be Bed Buddies, Bro

So, fans of the TLC show Counting On that airs Tuesday night at 8 pm are wondering how the conversation went down. How did the two brothers decide who was going to sleep where? It doesn’t seem like they are fighting over rooms. In fact, they are both sleeping in the same room. And not only that—their beds are so close, they could reach over at night and touch each other. Some people say they thought they were looking at the set of an old television show before couples could sleep in beds together.

Jedidiah is not going to get out of this one without a few sideways glances. And even fans that were trying to defend the twins for their sleeping arrangement raised an eyebrow when they made a comment that might mean it’s not a one-bedroom home.

Sleeping in the same bedroom when it’s a one-bedroom home is bad enough, but when you’re a house that has more than one bedroom, why would you do it? Some people wonder if that was a term of their parent’s blessing to move out. Other people wonder if the Counting On boys set it up themselves in order to keep themselves pure until marriage?

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar Makes an Interesting Comment

Brothers Josiah Duggar and Joseph Duggar from Counting On came over to help Jeremiah and Jedidiah in their new house. They had dinner together and the two were talking about courting. Jedidiah said he didn’t have anyone. And Jeremiah Duggar said that if Jedidiah had a wife, he wouldn’t be able to split the electric bill with her.

His brothers said that he could stay in the other room. But he didn’t seem to like this idea. This is how fans of Counting On got a clue that the house might have multiple bedrooms. And that wouldn’t require the two to sleep in the same room.

On the other hand, Josiah said that their house was about as big as the boy’s room back at the big house the Duggar parents own. Whatever is happening, it all seems very interesting to people watching from the outside.

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