‘Counting On’: Jeremiah Duggar Gives Manly Career Advice – It’s Not What You Think

Counting On‘s Jeremiah Duggar has some advice for men that want to be manly. The 21-year-old Jeremiah and more than one of his brothers have gone through the program. And recently, Jeremiah just moved into his own house—with his brother Jedidiah Duggar, aka Jed.

Counting On Update: Jeremiah Duggar Wants Men to Be Manly

In a recent video, Jeremiah Duggar promoted that young men go to a school that teaches certain skills. Jeremiah said that if you want to go into the military, police force, or fire department, then this is a good thing to do.

Jeremiah went on to say that he and other brothers of Counting On have gone to this school. And it helped them become better men. The school in question prides itself on “Forging men.” And it seems like a very Duggar educational program. After all, more than one Duggar son knows how to fly an airplane—which is one of the things this school teaches.

Fans started asking if the program was available for women. But quickly, they shut it down and said—no. Men only, at this time.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar

Fans Cause Trouble In the Comments

Education from this type of school seems to be very useful. And as far as we can tell, it isn’t overly religious; however, it’s likely it does have some affiliation with religion. One critic of Counting On commented about the no girls allowed rule and said, “No girls. Their job is to have babies.”

Jeremiah Duggar’s goal might have been to help young men learn about this program. But it seems he caused some trouble. And besides that, the video is posted on Jeremiah’s parent’s account. After all, he isn’t married, so his parents likely don’t recommend he get on social media.

Another fan commented and asked, “How much money do you make when people use the discount code?” And the reply was that the Counting On stars don’t make any money off of discount codes. The wording was very specific. And some people think the company paid them a flat rate to make the video.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar

Counting On: Jeremiah and His Weird Arrangement

One of the things that has fans of Counting On raising their eyebrows on his manly advice is his sleeping arrangement. Recently, they did a walkthrough of their bachelor pad. And the first thing everyone noticed was that Jeremiah Duggar and Jed had twin beds right next to each other.

When we say right next to each other, we mean that they can reach out and touch their hands easily. At first, everyone thought that might be because they only had one bedroom. But quickly fans picked up that their house has two bedrooms. And wondered why they would want to be in one room together.

As Jeremiah Duggar gives manly advice for careers, fans ask if he’s afraid of the dark. You can watch more Counting On Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

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