‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar and Jeremiah Throw First House Party

Counting On‘s Jedidiah Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar have flown the coop—well, the farm. These two single guys, Jedidiah and Jeremiah, are living on their own, which is pretty much unheard of when it comes to the way the Duggars do things.

Counting On: Jedidiah Duggar & Jeremiah Duggar Have Trouble Letting Go

In the Duggar’s large house, they have the parent’s room, the boy’s room, and the girl’s room. Yes, these adult men slept in bunk beds until they got their own house. But it seems like the Jeremiah and brother have a little trouble letting go of the Counting On show’s family closeness.

Fans found it strange that the Jedidiah and his twin Jeremiah Duggar slept in the same room at their new house. Not only do Jedidiah and his brother sleep in the same room in their house. But they are very close together with only a tiny nightstand to separate themselves.

It’s even more strange since they do have another bedroom they could use. Whatever the case, fans of Counting On are interested to see that the Duggar boys are going against the norm. And they haven’t even left the family like their sister, Jill Duggar.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar

Jedidiah & Jeremiah Host a Guy’s Night

In a recent episode of Counting On, we saw Jedidiah and brother Jeremiah host a “Dadchular party” for their brother John David. They did this to celebrate him as a new dad. This is their first house party, and to say that they forgot a few things is a bit of an understatement. The family matriarch, Michelle Duggar, was terrified to hear that they only ate steak at the party. No sides, no salads—nothing.

But what the episode didn’t show was the entertainment the guys chose. Counting On star Jeremiah Duggar and his brother Jedidiah Duggar set their house up for some true Dad games. Even though neither one of them are dads, they know what it takes to raise kids.

They set up diaper bowling with baby bottles, and brother Justin Duggar said he didn’t want to talk about it. In fact, he didn’t even hit a pin and was embarrassed—same as brother-in-law, Austin Forsyth. Josiah Duggar ended up winning the “Diaper Olympics.”

Counting On: Jeremiah Roloff - Jedidiah Roloff

Counting On: The Adventures Continue

Fans call for more adventures with the Counting On family. They say they don’t want to wait on the TLC family to have more babies. The birth stories are getting a little old for everyone. And some people suggest that they send some of their daughters to college if they want better ratings.

Despite the fact that there are a few critics, it seems like the Duggar family is still a must-see for many people. Now that Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar have their own place, fans hope to see more of them living their independent lives. But it’s unclear if there will be much behind the scenes with these two independent-from-parents twins from Counting On.

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