‘Counting On’: Duggarfam Christmas Photo – Kids And Microwave Concern

Counting On fans saw a sweet photo posted on the Duggarfam Instagram account on Christmas Eve. However, it raised concerns about kids and a microwave. The photo, while really cute, didn’t escape the eye of those followers always ready to keep an eye out for safe parenting. While it didn’t escalate into a huge trolling session, fans did express issues with it.

‘Counting On’ kid helping in the kitchen

Christmas often brings out photos of the kids loving the special family time. In fact, people from across the world engage the kids in things like decorating cookies. Similarly, in the Duaggarfam post, the caption noted, “thankful for the help of our little chef in the kitchen.” It went on to wish everyone a great Christmas. Most Counting On followers responded to the post by debating who the child belonged to.

Here’s how the conversation went:

  • @nathalie.94: “Who’s kid is this?”
  • @texaspecan: “Michael or Marcus.”
  • @c_rylie18: “I think it’s Josh and Anna’s.”
  • @1sweetknitter: “He is Anna’s youngest son? Mason, He is so adorable ?”
  • @tammie.finney.78: “That’s [the] youngest baby boy he is adorable looks like his uncles.”

Okay, so the fans established between themselves, after some debate that the little boy was Mason Duggar, not Marcus or Michael Duggar. Given that they all look so similar in the Duggarfam, it may even be the older boy. Actually, Mason Duggar is only 15-months -old. Irrespective of which kids it is, microwaves and little kids create problems. Parenting’s not easy, but it takes more than just love to keep them safe.

Sharp-eyed TLC fans

Sooner or later, someone would notice the microwave so low to the floor. Sure enough, that arose pretty quickly. One follower of the TLV show picked it up and asked why is their “microwave so close to the ground?” Another Counting On watchers noticed it as well, saying they noticed that as well. This was followed by, “glad I’m not the only one that noticed I mean it’s cool but my kid would be microwaving everything.”

The Counting On viewers do raise a valid point, that may only raise more issues about the Duggarfam parenting skills. According to Children’s National Org, microwaves really pose a danger to children. Of concern, is that around 90 percent of homeowners use microwaves for convenient cooking. The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes (NLMNI) of health point out that young children who access the microwave themselves, face burn danger.

Duggarfam Christmas microwave concern justified?

Fans sometimes freak out over the smallest issues they see with parenting skills on Counting On. However, in this instance, those issues do arise from valid research. As the NLMNI noted, most burn injuries in children are the result of kids removing hot food from the microwave.

What do you think about the Duggarfam Christmas photo showing a little kid able to reach the microwave? Do you think this is an issue of concern?

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