‘Counting On’ Derick Dillard Slammed For Filthy Stove Top – Odd Turkey

Counting On followers slammed Derick Dillard after he posted an odd picture of a turkey drumstick on his Instagram. Fans of the show who don’t like Derick for a variety of reasons slammed him because of his odd grip on the turkey leg. Also, others commented, noting the “filthy” stove top.

Counting On: Derick Dillard detractors want him to know how they feel

When it comes to slamming this particular sector of the Duggar family, strong feelings come out. Trolls abound on social media, and Derrick’s picked up his fair share. However,  a lot of the sentiment by many Counting On fans is that he deserves to be trolled. In fact, many of them saw his homophobic comments about Jazz Jennings as trolling. They dislike the fact that he has no proper job to support Jill and the kids, and that his fundraisers were allegedly scams.

When scolded for saying nasty things about Derick, one follower noted, “I’m not the one grasping a turkey leg like a weirdo! He gets exactly what he deserves. That’s why we follow him. He needs to know what it feels like. And yes, he’s creepy!” User mckee8670 noted, “he opened the door to be judged when he did the same. Keep in mind he had no problem speaking against Jazz’s lifestyle. Jazz is a girl. He’s a grown man!” This referred to TLC dumping him from the Counting On show over his comments about transgenders.

The odd turkey drumstick

Perhaps he merely played around play-acting a role of “Cave  Man” in the photo? Many people thought it looked weird as he just showed his hand with a death grip on a drumstick. Possibly, he just wanted to show off the size of it. Whatever the reason, he invited all the comments from Counting On detractors by posting it at all. One user said the grip on his turkey drumstick looked “psycho.” But it didn’t end there.

Sure enough, a Counting On fan noted the backdrop to the odd turkey photo showed the stove top. Even though nobody really knows if the stove belongs to him, criticism arrived fast. People noted the crusty and stained state of it, and they let Derrick know their disgust.

State of the stove top slammed

The stove stop drew a lot of criticism. Actually, Jill often suffers mom-shaming when she posts photos of their cooking. This happens especially when photos show the children eating canned foods. However, this time, Derick bore the criticism.  @mytangerinehead posted, “I thought the stove looked crusty too…the first thing I noticed.” This came in answer to another post that said it’s not acceptable to point out a dirty stove. Yet another noted, “The wife, a stay at home mother…con[t]rols the stove. Mine never looked like that and neither did my mother’s.”

Do you think the stove top’s actually that filthy? Is it right to slam Derick Dillard over the way he holds a turkey leg?

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