‘Counting On’ Jill Dillard Posts Photo – Instagram Erupts Over Immigrants

Counting On lost Jill Duggar Dillard after Derick made some homophobic remarks about Jazz Jennings. Ever since then, Jill bears the brunt of nasty comments. Notably, Jill posted a cute photo of her son eating sweet potato fries and Instagram erupted into an argument about immigrants.

‘Counting On’ fans bicker over immigrants

Jill’s Instagram post that sparked the row over immigrants showed a photo of her son. Actually, he looked very cute sitting in his high chair. He clearly enjoyed eating his sweet potato fries. Bright blue eyes stared at the camera. However, within moments, a poster started blaming the Duggar church for encouraging immigrants to move to the USA. The commenter said, “So cute! But please will you guys stop encouraging third world people to come to the USA!!! I know most churches enable third world people to come here, please stop that!”

Obviously, some Counting On followers responded back. In fact, some fans wondered why Jill Dillard is always targeted for the ills of the world. Mostly, they thought it strange this happens when she posts pictures of her boys. Suddenly, Instagram erupted. Those who like the idea of immigrants and those who oppose it got stuck into each other. Sensibly, one follower, @raising.ainsleigh tried to calm the waters. They pointed out that “The United States is a melting pot of cultures. News flash we are all descended from immigrants unless you’re native.”

Jill Dillard’s post hijacked by politics

Counting On followers seem to come from all spectrums of the political scene. Unfortunately, Jill’s post soon became hijacked by politics. Sadly, the USA, riven by division, is highlighted by the approaching mid-term elections. The New York Times reported on attack adverts by the Andy Barr campaign in Kentucky against Democrat Amy McGrath. That’s what happens between politicians. However, it seems that even photos of little boys trigger attacks over differences.

Derick Dillard often gets attacked on his Twitter account. In fact, that’s understandable as he managed to become rather high profile through his outspoken stance on Christian living. Actually, Jill seldom tells people what to think. Nevertheless, she bears the brunt of the division and negativity in today’s society. Kindly, one commenter, @jaclynfix tried to make peace. They said, “nothing wrong with having opinions. Just be kind and know that everyone has a reason they believe what they believe. Some of my biggest learning experiences have come from having real conversations with ppl I disagree with. Usually, we can find some common ground.”

Heated debate upset a lot of ‘Counting On’ fans

Whether fans of Counting On like it or not, there always discord on Jill’s posts. Often, people grind their axes over political issues on Jill’s Instagram. Actually, what upset fans, was that people called each other insulting names. Incidentally, Jill’s Instagram may not be the appropriate place for political debate. However, it seems to be the most popular place to hit at others who disagree. In fact, @gladyssharp57 was just trying to enjoy the baby photos. They posted, “I will never understand how these precious pictures of Jill’s little boys always turn into a political debate? What is wrong with you people!?!”

What do you think about Jill Dillard’s post about sweet potato chips sparking a political shouting match? Do you think it’s an appropriate place to argue about immigrants?

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