‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Doesn’t Agree with Michelle’s Parenting?

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar might disagree with Michelle Duggar‘s parenting. In fact, fans think she threw shade directly at Michelle’s parenting in a recent comment.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Is ‘Mom’

Anna Duggar seems to have a little more spunk thank in years gone by. It seems like she isn’t afraid to speak her mind about Michelle, even if it is in a roundabout way. Recently, she let it fly with a short, yet powerful jab at Counting On star Michelle Duggar’s way of parenting.

A fan of the TLC series asked if Anna set up a buddy system. She was quick to reply that she was the mom and that they did not do that. Her reason for not doing the system was because she wants the children to have a childhood. And that implies that Michelle’s way of doing things is wrong.

Anyone that watches Counting On and watched 19 and Counting knows Michelle Duggar’s kids operate off that type of system. From a young age, the kids went from Michelle to their buddy. And that’s how everything got done around the house.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Michelle Duggar Gets Shade from Her Daughter-In-Law

Most of the time, when you see Anna Duggar’s children, they are playing and having fun. Some watchers of Counting On pointed out that big sis does help out. But others noted that the level of help is nothing like buddying up.

Most Counting On fans think that helps out is fine. But taking over all parenting duties for a child is not fine. Many noted how Jana Duggar mothers many of the children, and some even say she runs Michelle Duggar’s household.

It doesn’t look like Anna wants her children to have that type of childhood. Some people even say that it isn’t Anna posting on the account, but it’s her husband, Josh Duggar. And fans agree that it would be pretty funny for him to say he’s the mom.

Counting On: Mackynzie Duggar

Counting On Update: Anna Banks Big

Despite the fact that fans of Counting On believe Anna is stuck in an unhealthy marriage with her cheating husband, she’s not doing too bad for herself. At least, financially, that is. Recently Anna got her hands on a massive house, and she’s selling it for a massive profit.

No matter how she feels about the Duggars and their parenting, it looks like she’s getting a payout. She has six kids with Josh Duggar, and it doesn’t look like she plans on stopping at six. But her father-in-law made sure they have plenty of money.

The house Anna is selling came from Jim Bob Duggar’s living trust at a very low price. Some Counting On viewers think this could be a payoff for staying with Josh and keeping up appearances.

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