‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Forced to Run Michelle’s Household

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar is running Michelle Duggar‘s household? Is she taking over responsibilities that her mother should be doing? We look into it further and see what’s really happening at the Duggar household.

And maybe why Jana Duggar doesn’t have a household of her own.

Counting On: Does Jana Duggar Take Care of Everything at the House?

If you’ve been watching Counting On for any number of years, you’ve seen Jana Duggar doing a lot of the work. Jana is Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 30-year-old daughter. She is the oldest daughter and doesn’t show any signs of moving out of the house. Recently in an interview, she was with her mother answering questions about her life.

Jana Duggar from TLC’s Counting On said that she does wish that she was married. And she was getting ready to go into more detail, but her mother cut in. Michelle Duggar cut in to say that Jana Duggar keeps very busy. In fact, she said that half of the things wouldn’t get done without Jana making sure they got done. It seems like Michelle is admitting that Jana does most of the work at home.

Many Counting On viewers are concerned that Jana doesn’t have a way out. In fact, it seems like Michelle Duggar is forcing her to run her house for her many fans say.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Who’s House Is This Anyway?

Recently we saw that Jana helped put together a project for her Counting On parents. She surprised them with a bedroom makeover. The parents were speechless and it was obvious that Jana Duggar had made sure everything got done. While it might not have been her that did everything physically, she was definitely a project manager.

If Jana had a job, some people think she might be good at administration. After all, she’s been going through this and working in that field since early childhood. And it’s not just nice projects she does for her parents, but it’s also things like taking care of the younger kids—a lot.

Many people feel as if Jana Duggar is more of a mother to young Josie Duggar from Counting On than Michelle is. We often see her caring for her younger siblings and making sure everything is together for them.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Jana Duggar

Will the New Season of Counting On Show More of the Same

Viewers of Counting On wonder if we’re going to see more of Jana Duggar running the household. The newest episodes are coming out soon and many think she will be doing more of the work. If you can remember, not long ago, we saw Jana Duggar put together a camping trip for the family. It looks like she is the one that makes sure everything happens while we don’t see a whole lot from Michelle.

During any serious situation, she is at the forefront making sure the kids are doing what they need to do. In one of the promos of Counting On that airs on TLC on Tuesday nights at 8 pm, we see more get-togethers. Fans wonder if she is going to be the one that put them together. Or maybe someone else will take the reigns this time.

Many wonder why Michelle silences and talks over Jana when she wants to share about her love life or lack thereof. Some think it is because Michelle doesn’t want to lose her top helper at the house.

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