‘Bringing Up Bates’: Tragedy Strikes Carlin and Evan Stewart

Bringing Up Bates’ Carlin Bates Stewart and hubs Evan Stewart are a bit distant with their fans lately and they revealed why. The UPtv reality couple is in the midst of a health crisis.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan and Carlin Battle Health Issues with Layla

It’s no secret Bringing Up Bates stars Evan Stewart and his wife Carlin Bates Stewart has had it rough lately. Sadly, they’ve faced many health scares with baby Layla in her short six months of life. Remember, since Layla’s birth, there have been times where she has turned blue because she couldn’t catch her breath.

At first, Carlin and Evan thought it was because she was born prematurely. Turns out, she has a small hole in her heart which causes breathing issues. Of course, it’s incredibly scary. Especially, during this terrifying time of the COVID pandemic. Now, Evan and wife Carlin from Bringing Up Bates must face yet another health crisis.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart - Evan Stewart - Layla Rae Stewart

Carlin Bates Stewart and Evan Stewart Sick With COVID

Recently, Bringing Up Bates celebs Carlin Bates Stewart and hubby Evan Stewart were diagnosed with Coronavirus. Of course, this is devastating to all that love them. No doubt, they did their best to social distance and take every precaution. However, that’s no small feat with such a large family. And, with baby Layla needing frequent doctor’s appointments.

Thankfully, it’s a mild case for both Evan and wifey Carlin and they are on the mend. But, it was likely nerve-wracking with a six-month-old baby to care for. Surely, they fear for her health and safety as well. Now, some Bringing Up Bates fans weigh in with their concerns.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart - Evan Stewart

Bringing Up Bates Fanbase Concerned

Carlin of Bringing Up Bates just checked in with her followers to let them know about her and Evan’s COVID issues. No doubt, the good wishes and questions about Layla Rae came flooding in. So far, it seems as though she is negative for the virus, which is surely a relief. Of course, some people think they were not careful enough.

But, one person mentioned that you can’t live in fear. No doubt, good points on both sides. Clearly, the most important thing is that they are getting better. And, that their little one is healthy and happy. Fans are sure to follow along with Carlin Bates Stewart and her husband Evan Stewart to stay up-to-date as they recover. Also, see the couple on their show Thursday nights at 9 pm on UPtv.

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