‘Bringing up Bates’ Is Back: Carlin and Evan Prepare for Parenthood

Bringing Up Bates with Carlin Bates Stewart and hubby Evan Stewart is finally back with all-new episodes as they prepare to welcome baby Layla Rae. Plus, we’ll get to see how our faves are managing during the quarantine. And, get back up to date with the whole Bates’ family on the UPtv reality show.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin and Chad Lend a Hand to Carlin Bates Stewart

When Bringing Up Bates is on again, Erin Bates Paine and husband Chad Paine offer their design skills to Carlin and Evan. Soon, baby Layla will arrive and they need to get her nursery finished. Of course, Chad and Erin are the ones everyone turns to when they’re designing or remodeling. Not only are they good at what they do but they love it as well.

Viewers know Chad owns his own construction company. So, this stuff is right up his alley. Plus, he has every tool you can imagine. So, they head over to Carlin and Evan’s house soon to get to work on the baby’s room. No doubt, Evan and Carlin Bates Stewart can’t wait to meet their little bundle when Bringing Up Bates returns.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Paine - Chad Paine

Bringing Up Bates Couple Gets Ready for Baby Layla

Carlin Bates Stewart only has a few weeks left on Bringing Up Bates until the baby arrives. So, it’s crunch time and they are in a hurry to get everything done. Carlin says they are in “countdown mode” and she makes a list every night with all the things they need to accomplish for that week.

Surely, the nursery is at the top of the list. Thankfully, she has her sister for advice and guidance. Clearly, Erin loves to be involved whenever someone does a project and she and hubby Chad make a great team. Usually, if someone needs decorating assistance they give them a call on Bringing Up Bates.

Carlin Sees Evan in a Whole New Light

When Bringing Up Bates is back, Carlin sees hubs, Evan Stewart, differently. Of course, he’s a wonderful husband. But, now, she will soon see him as a father as well. And, she says thinking of Evan as a dad gives her a completely new perspective of her husband. Of course, Evan is very excited and can’t wait to meet his little girl. Besides that, Katie Bates begins a new relationship.

And, Tori Bates Smith is due as well. So, that makes grandbabies number 13 and 14 for Gil Bates and Kelly Jo Bates. No doubt, it’s an exciting time for the Bates as the new season picks back up. Don’t miss brand new Bringing Up Bates that starts tonight, July 23, and follows along with Evan Stewart and wife Carlin Bates Stewart along with the rest of the family.

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