‘Bringing up Bates’ Update: Carlin and Evan Stewart – New Parents Share Quarantine Advice

Bringing Up Bates stars Evan Stewart and wife Carlin Bates Stewart are ecstatic to be new parents. They, cherish every moment with baby Layla Rae but they aren’t without challenges. So, they want to share their journey with fans along with tips and advice for self-quarantine – especially with a newborn.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart & Carlin Bates Stewart Begin Their Journey Together

Not too long ago, Bringing Up Bates couple Evan Stewart and beautiful Carlin Bates Stewart tied the knot in a stunning, fairy tale wedding. Of course, it was a truly magical day for Carlin and groom Evan as well as their families. Plus, fans everywhere were happy to share their special day with them. Also, they set up their new house so it would be done when they returned home from their honeymoon.

Remember, the Bringing Up Bates newlyweds enjoyed time in Charlotte,  South Carolina before their incredible stay in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Now, they have started their lives together as husband and wife and have added a baby to the mix. Recently, they were blessed with their first child – little girl Layla Rae on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart - Carlin Bates Stewart - Layla Rae Stewart

Carlin Bates & Husband Evan Welcome Baby Layla Rae

Surely, Carlin Bates Stewart and hubby Evan Stewart of Bringing Up Bates were over the moon to learn their first baby was on the way. Of course, Carlin has lots of experience with kids under her belt because she comes from such a large family. Certainly, caring for kids is second nature. And, Carlin wants a big family just like the one she is a part of on Bringing Up Bates. Now, Layla Rae is here and she is the center of their lives.

No doubt, she is a beautiful little bundle of joy but parenthood is challenging, to say the least. Besides that, it’s a hectic time to begin the journey into parenthood while being quarantined due to COVID-19. Recently, the Stewart’s did a Q & A video called ‘Self Quarantined With a Newborn’ to answer some of the questions Bringing Up Bates fans have for them. Check out some of their answers below.

Carlin & Evan Stewart Hold COVID-19 Q&A – Bringing Up Bates

The Bringing Up Bates newly married couple just did a video for fans where they answer some questions they have for them. Certainly, Carlin Bates Stewart and hubs Evan Stewart can’t get to every question but they did their best to answer as many as possible. One fan asks… What’s is the hardest part of parenting so far? The new parents respond, “Sleep!” Some nights Layla sleeps very well and others she’s up all night and ready to party.

Then, another fan wonders how they are handling this Coronavirus chaos. They respond that they’re trying not to go insane with the whole social distancing thing. Also, sending out a whole bunch of prayers and taking it one day at a time. They’ve never experienced anything like this so they turn to their parents. Plus, toilet paper and water is now a very big deal.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart - Layla Rae Stewart

Q&A With The Stewart Family

Another Bringing Up Bates follower asks, what have they done to not be bored while in quarantine? Mainly, they take care of Layla, watch shows, cook together, made 32 burritos to freeze for Evan to bring to work. And, the most popular question – how many kids do you want? They both come from big families, Evan is 1 of 6 kids. But, of course, Carlin beats him on that one because she is 1 of 19 children. However, double digits scare Carlin but she says 6 kids would be cool.

They will see what happens. It just depends. Check out the video above for all their questions and answers. Surely, the growing Stewart family loves to connect with fans and let them get to know them better. They do these kinds of videos often. Catch new episodes of Bringing Up Bates Thursday nights at 9 pm on UPtv to stay up-to-date with Carlin Bates Stewart and new husband Evan Stewart.

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